If God is Good Why Is there Suffering?

21 Dec, 2015

One of the most important questions about God is, “If God is good, why is there suffering?”

God created us with free will – which is a good thing. However in our free will, we chose to sin.  

And since God is perfect, righteous good, and Holy, He cannot be in fellowship with sin, therefore, we are separated from his perfection.

Any separation from perfection will be suffering to some degree. Imperfection in our lives is suffering. Imperfect bodies… suffering. Imperfect relationships… suffering, etc.

So what does God plan to do about all this suffering?

Because God is not only holy and just, but also love – God did something to deal with our suffering by sending Christ to take care of the very sin that separates us from God’s perfection.  

So either we have faith in Christ which saves us from sin and eternal separation from God and perfection or we don’t have Christ and we remain eternally separated from Him and his perfection and suffering remains.

So in all actuality… it’s because God is good and righteous, there is suffering. And because God is love, He provided a way for our sin and suffering to be taken care of through faith in Christ.

On top of all this, for believers, God can actually use suffering for our own good. For more on that, please watch my video here, “Why Do I Suffer?