Why Do I Suffer? How Can God use Suffering to Grow Us?

28 Nov, 2014

In this short video I go over:

Why suffering exists, what God plans to do about it and how God can use suffering for our good.

The 4 reasons God allows suffering in our lives (S.O.A.P.)

  1. Sanctification (Make us more like Christ) – James 1:2-4, Rom 5:3-5, Romans 8:28-29.
  2. Others – Comfort others, with comfort we received from God through our suffering (2 Cor 1:3-4)
  3. Appreciation of God’s Glory – Praise for God sovereignty, thankfulness for Him growing you 
  4. Position – God allows events to happen to move us into different positions that are a part to a larger plan. (Genesis 37-50)