What We Do

We make theology simple, practical & fun.

Why We Do It

To help Christians fulfill their purpose, which is to “Love God. Love Others. That’s it.”
(“Love God. Love Others. That’s It” explained.)

Who We Are

Fast God Stuff Founder

conrad tolosa

I’m Conrad Tolosa. Theologian, geek and Mexican food eater.

I have a Masters Degree in Christian Thought from Chesapeake Theological Seminary, an accounting degree from GMU, and an Executive Membership at Costco. I was also in the 90’s Christian punk rock band Ghoti Hook.

My goal is to help Christians live Godly lives by teaching theology in a simple, practical and fun way. And to watch a lot of science fiction. But mainly that God stuff.

Stats: Strength: 2, Endurance: 3, Dexterity: 10, Intelligence: 3, Wisdom: 1, Charisma: 6, Magic: 7

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Fast God Stuff Podcast Co-host

That is Jesse Schwamb. He hasn’t given me a bio yet, so I’m going to make one up for him.

As you can see from this action shot, Jesse has glasses, a beard, and laughs at funny smells. One time he got stuck in a temporal rift and was taken to the Great Robot-Human War of the 1960s. Due to his victory, the timeline was changed and he is the only one who remembers it but swears “it totally happened.”

Jesse joined Fast God Stuff in 2017 after he was healed of leprosy after asking for Conrad’s autograph. Jesse was instrumental in starting the podcast, but it really was just an excuse to see what Conrad’s house was like.

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Our History

Fast God Stuff was founded by Conrad Tolosa 1999 under the name Decapolis and it focused on both spiritual resources and the music scene. Later, Conrad got bored with music scene stuff and Facebook came along and destroyed our online community.

By 2010 it mainly was a devotional blog, which is why this site has all of Conrad’s old devotionals with outdated pop culture references which he’ll probably never update. In 2015, the site was renamed to Fast God Stuff because the previous name was confusing and lame. It then added some videos and some quicker articles that nobody watched or read.

In 2017, Conrad met Jesse Schwamb and they started the podcast. And finally, today you read this About Us section then liked us so much you shared us across all your social media accounts and followed us on FacebookTwitter, Instagram and subscribed to our podcast.