3 Ways to Be a Better Spouse

As Christians, we all proudly say stuff like, “I’d die for my spouse. I’d do anything for my spouse.” Really? Then why we don’t we do devotions, watch our diet, or workout regularly, memorize Scripture or stop listening to smooth jazz?

Why Doesn’t God Stop Terrorist Attacks?

If God is good and all-powerful then why doesn’t he stop terrorist attacks? How can we answer this legitimate question?

What Should I Do When My Spouse and I Fight?

“What should I do when my spouse and I fight?” comes up because in marriage we get into arguments and fights all the time. Whose fault is it that dinner wasn’t prepared? What’s the best way to get to Taco Bell? What set of inoculations do you need before eating at Taco Bell? What’s the fastest route from Taco Bell to the hospital?

What is God’s Will For Me?

The biggest question we Christians ask ourselves is “What is God’s will?” We treat it as if it’s this mysterious, magical thing. But God didn’t tell us to obey him without first telling us what he wants (2 Tim 3:16-17).

Does God Want Me to Stay or Go?

Sometimes we get stuck in a situation where we don’t know if God is pushing us out or just wants to grow our patience.

How Can I Know If God Exists?

A lot of people think that believing God is based on faith. However by using simple logic we can determine if God exists or not. But is logic alone enough to prove to people to trust in Him?

How Do I Pray In Faith?

We’re told to pray in faith and that with faith anything is possible. Well, then why haven’t I won the lottery?

What is Heaven Like?

Heaven is so crucial to our understanding of our current life but most Christians have all sorts of weird perceptions of what it’ll be like. And no, it’s not an eternal church service.

Why Did God Create Me & How Can I be Truly Happy?

OK, let’s face it. We all just want to be happy. But how can one be truly happy and not just emotionally happy?

What is My Calling?

We wish figuring out our calling was as easy as the Sorting Hat telling us what to do. Well, you know what? God already did tell you what your calling is.

If God Created Everything, Doesn’t That Mean He Created Evil?

Summary: God created us with a free will, not evil. God created us with a free will, not evil. Explanation: God created as free beings that could make meaningful choices. Free will is good. However, it also comes with the chance to choose the non-good, which is of course what […]

If God is Good Why Is there Suffering?

One of the most important questions about God is, “If God is good, why is there suffering?” God created us with free will – which is a good thing. However in our free will, we chose to sin.   And since God is perfect, righteous good, and Holy, He cannot […]

Can’t God Just Forgive Our Sins Without Christ?

Because God is righteous, Holy and just, our sin separates us from God and incurs a moral debt we cannot pay, and the payment is death. Unless that debt is paid for that sin remains and separation from God remains. God is just, meaning He cannot dismiss sin without payment. […]

How Do I Get Wisdom?

People are always praying to know God’s will. That’s actually wrong. This sound heretical, but bear with me for a bit. We need to try to get wisdom, here’s why… Do you just pray that God will tell you through your feelings what to do about your back pain? No, […]

Why Do I Suffer? How Can God use Suffering to Grow Us?

We go through suffering every day. Why does it exist and where is God in all of it?

What is God’s Goal for Me?

God’s goal for you is to make you like Christ (Romans 8:29) so that we can be apart of his family (1 John 3:1-3). This is called “sanctification“.  He uses all of life including trials and tribulations to strengthen Christ-like traits in us. Just like physical exercise makes our body suffer […]

What is Faith / How Can I Be In God’s Will?

Many Christians define faith as belief which leads to many incorrect actions. If I have faith that I’ll become a unicorn, it’s not going to happen no matter how much I believe. So then, what is faith? Faith has three parts to be real faith: Knowing God’s Word + Having the […]