069. How Do I Juggle the Different Parts of Life?

10 Oct, 2012

We often think of our lives our lives like a juggler.  We juggle work, family, church, soccer practice, lawn care, recreation.  And hopefully you’re not actually juggling being a juggler in all of that because that might get a little dorky.

The thing is, if we think of our lives like juggling – we’re already at a disadvantage because we’re looking at it wrong.  We can’t think of all the million things that we do as separate categories.  Everything we do has to be tied together somehow. We can start with this…

Matt 6:33 But seek first his kingdom and his righteousness.

But how in the world does “seek first His kingdom and His righteousness” have anything to do with all the different areas of life like my work life, family, recreation, whatever?

Well, what is God’s ultimate mission in this world?  His goal should be our goal.  And His goal is His kingdom and His righteousness.

Now how in the world do we accomplish that? The answer to how do we accomplish His goal comes down to something simple – It’s about people.  It’s about relationships. Going around spreading His kingdom (ministry, evangelizing, discipling, teaching) is in the context of people.

Furthering His righteousness (love, justice, faithfulness, compassion) in the world is in the context of people. So seeking first His kingdom and righteousness is really about people, about relationships. It’s about loving others.

So what do we do?

Think of all the people you interact with in the different areas of life you juggle: work, school, family, soccer practice, etc.  These are people you can spread his kingdom and righteousness too.

Who are the people you have influence with?  Who are the people who can see your actions and see how you live your life?  Who are the people you need to repair your relationship with?  Who are the people you need to develop a relationship with?

Now make a point to figure out how you are going to spread His kingdom and righteousness with these people. Will it be showing a Christ-like attitude during crappy referee calls during your kid’s soccer game for your kid and other parents to see?  Will it be spending time with your family in devotions? Will it be showing a positive, hard-working attitude at work so others at work can see God’s character in you?  Will it be forgiving a family member for a wrong?    Will it be helping someone in need get through their difficulties by showing them scripture and praying with them?

The different areas of life are really just different people to minister to.  It’s one mission with different areas.  Not different areas with different missions. Whether it be in the family, work, school, your kid’s soccer team… your life is a ministry. God’s mission is about people and relationships.  So let’s stop thinking we’re juggling a bunch of different stuff, and let’s have God’s mission unify our life and give us one mission with different places for it to manifest.

MT 6: [33] But seek first his kingdom and his righteousness, and all these things will be given to you as well.

Take time to pray: Ask God for wisdom to help you figure out how to approach your different relationships so you can spread His kingdom and righteousness. Today’s Fruit of the Spirit: Faithfulness.