120. How I Learned What a Sewer Ejection Pit Is

20 Jan, 2011

(Yeah, that’s the carpet I had to pull up to dry)

So I wake up to water in the basement.  But it’s not just water, it’s the drained water from, you know, drains. Like from a sink, a washing machine and toilets. I’ve never thought about how drains and pipes and sewer work.  I mean why would I?  I’m too busy wondering why I can’t have doughnuts for every meal, or who in the world listens to Katy Perry.

Unfortunately for me I had to figure out where used water goes.  And when I say used water, you pretty much have to think the worst – which would be poopy water. So all this goes to what is called the Sewer Ejection Pit. Then it all gets pumped out to the sewage pipe. But what happens if that pump stops working?  I’ll tell you what. Conrad needs a three hour shower…in bleach.

Now you would think that me being the spiritual titan that I am, that I would immediately find the good in all of this.  Bible verses would be flying around my mind.  Something was flying around my mind, but it sure wasn’t Bible verses. Why would I be happy that I’m pulling up carpeting and padding that’s soaked through with water that probably has touched poop?

Okay, I did at least think to myself that this could be a blessing in disguise.  Like because I have to rip up the carpeting, God has something better in store. But why do I need to look to the future. I should have thought further… what is God doing right now?

He could have been teaching me patience.  Self-control.  Joy.  Thankfulness. Thankfulness? Thankful that I actually own a house that things can go wrong in.  Thankful that I have a basement.  Thankful that I have indoor plumbing, unlike those families in parts of the Philippines that I visited.  These things didn’t quite hit me till after an hour or two of clean up.

This should have been going in my head the moment I saw the water. That’s how we are many times.  Only after we are removed from the battle do we understand what we should have been doing.  Fortunately for us, our commander is forgiving. So when we get upset about something, let’s try to win the battle rather than asking for forgiveness after.

1TH 5:16 Be joyful always; [17] pray continually; [18] give thanks in all circumstances, for this is God’s will for you in Christ Jesus.

Take Time To Pray: Pray for the patience or self-control needed to be thankful in difficult situations