084. Marriage/Dating: How Do I Make a Relationship Better?

27 Nov, 2012

Just because God picked someone out for you and you found that person doesn't mean that your relationship is automatically going to be awesome. It takes work, dedication and separate bank accounts.

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083. Marriage/Dating: What Do I Do When We Get Into a Fight?

18 Nov, 2012

Something that all couples deal with are fights. Unless you're me that uses ninja skills to sneak away.

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082. Why Did God Create Marriage / How Do We Put God First in our Marriage?

16 Nov, 2012

Marriage is so trivialized in our culture. No one really seems to value it anymore. Much like VHS tapes or John Travolta.

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123. How Do I Prepare for a Successful Relationship?

15 Jun, 2011

As soon as they started clearing out some land for the pool, I tried it out. Unfortunately the pool wasn’t quite done yet, so I didn’t have any fun – I just ended up getting covered in dirt.

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