135. Why Do We Work?

26 Sep, 2014

A lot of times we don’t want to work, unless it’s something fun like gardening, music or cooking bacon.

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032. Relationships: What’s the Purpose of a Relationship?

04 Sep, 2014

If we are to have good relationships, we need to first understand the purpose of them. It would be like trying to try to understand how to have good bacon, without understanding its purpose. It is used for clothing? For hair styling? For skin care?...

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023. How Do I Live By Faith? (Part 4: Our Heart)

16 May, 2014

With faith, when you miss the middle part, you pretty much feel empty. Kind of like missing the pages in between the covers of a book, or an edible entree between appetizer and dessert at Applebees.

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021. How Do I Live By Faith? (Part 2)

02 May, 2014

There’s this fallacy that some believe where the less you know about something means the more faith you can have in it. Like it takes more faith that you'll enjoy a movie you've never heard of, or that you'll enjoy meat from Taco Bell.

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020. How Do I Live By Faith? (Part 1)

25 Apr, 2014

What does it mean when the Bible says, “if you have faith as small as a mustard seed… Nothing will be impossible for you," (Matt 17:20)? So if I have the faith larger than the size of a mustard seed that I would become a cyborg – it...

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004. How Do I Discern God’s Will? (Part 2) Wisdom

27 Aug, 2013

The first element of discerning God's will is God's Word, but just because you have a Bible in front of you, doesn't mean you know what to do with it. I feel the same way when someone hands me a baby.

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001. Does God Want Our Happiness? (How Can I Find Happiness?)

12 Mar, 2012

There’s this one thing that I think we’ve all thought of at one point. I want to follow God, but hopefully He doesn’t call me to be a missionary in Africa, New Guinea or New Jersey.

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128. The Trinity: So what’s the major difference between Christians and with Jehovah’s Witnesses and Mormons?

06 Dec, 2011

Two Jehovah Witnesses came to my door and were gone in under two minutes because I was able to coherently show my understanding of the difference between their view and Christianity. Well, it was either that or because I smelled like feet and beef.

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015. What is the Meaning of Life?

01 Jan, 2010

Despite what you might be thinking, the ultimate question in life isn’t, “How can Conrad be so good looking and humble at the same time?” but rather “What is the meaning of life?”

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