092. What Should I Do When Someone is Guilty?

05 Mar, 2013

There's times where we jump to conclusions about someone after hearing one piece of information. Especially if they have history. So that doesn't automatically mean that those tap dancing shoes that were found are mine.

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043. Pointing Fingers (Part IV): What To Do About Their Sin

15 May, 2012

We all know the sins of our friends and family. It's so easy to spot. They're impatient, irrational, they barely try to please God and they listen to a whole lot of rap.

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042. Pointing Fingers (Part III): How do we make sure we’ve succeeded?

11 May, 2012

With all this finger pointing, the first thing we talked about was pride (Part 1), then taking care of our sin (Part 2). But there's another thing we need to see in ourselves.

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041. What Happens When We Point Fingers? (Part 2)

08 May, 2012

We love pointing fingers at other people's sins. In fact, we love doing it so much that there's entire industries supported by it. Just look at the tabloids at the supermarket. The more sin, the greater the headlines. It's all, "Arnold Schwarzenegger Cheats!" and not...

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040. What Happens When We Point Fingers? (Part 1)

04 May, 2012

How many times have you heard stuff like, "Billy hit me." "Oh yeah, well Billy hit me first." We love doing stuff like that, pointing fingers rather than caring about the underlying issue.

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