Silly Songs to Save Your Soul

27 Sep, 2022

Our four-song EP, "Silly Songs to Save Your Soul," is probably the greatest music ever created. You totally could play our songs while you sleep and grow closer to Christ.

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Is Christianity Anti-Science?

27 Sep, 2022

Christians are often accused of being anti-science - especially regarding evolution and the age of the earth. But how valid are these accusations? In this episode, Conrad and Jesse become 1970's detectives to find out.

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Top Myths About Christianity

christian myths
10 Jul, 2021

What do Conrad and Jesse have in common with Voldemort? More than you might suspect. Find out in this episode as we tackle two myths that are prevalent about Christianity that concern goodness.

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Why Does Atheism Fail?

atheism fail
15 Apr, 2021

Can meaning be found without God? Can you prove God's existence with a taco? Can Conrad and Jesse pass for southern gentlemen? Find out in this episode, where we study existence itself while somehow referencing tacos.

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What Does it Mean to be a Christian?

17 Oct, 2020

What does it mean to be a Christian? Is it about behavior? Is it about beliefs? In this episode, we somehow explain all this with a musical number called “Salsa: The Musical”.

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What’s the Deal with My Self-Esteem?

18 Aug, 2020

Where does my self-worth come from? How can I raise my self-esteem? Should I use the self-checkout lane? This episode is all about self.

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30 – What is Heaven Like?

Mistakes We Make About Heaven
10 Jun, 2020

Is Heaven an endless church service in the clouds? Is there golf? More importantly, are there tacos? In this episode, we correct some of the common mistakes we make about Heaven. We also sing a heavenly song ... about Heaven.

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29 – Where is God During Coronavirus?

Where is God During Coronavirus?
29 Apr, 2020

Fear. Anxiety. Panic. As the Coronavirus engulfs the world and changes everything, is it possible to find real hope? In this episode, we explain why hope is not wishful thinking and answer the question: where is God during Coronavirus?

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28 – Stuff We Get Wrong About Romance

christian romance
26 Nov, 2019

Let's get ... romantic?! Turn off your RomComs and turn down your sappy love longs because Christians get a lot wrong about romance. In this podcast episode, we unravel some of the biggest mistakes when it comes to Christian romance.

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027 – How to Answer ‘Does God Exist?’ [2]

13 Jul, 2019

Does God Exist? Explaining the existence of God is not as hard as you might think. In this episode, we unpack one of the most common proofs for God's existence: the argument from design.

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026 – How Does the World End?

28 May, 2019

Fact: The world is going to end. So in this episode we talk about what will happen when the world ends and we also receive an unexpected visit from the Historical Oracle.

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025 – Worst Christian Cliches

25 Mar, 2019

Sometimes Christians use cliches and sometimes those cliches are pretty bad. Here are some of the worst cliches Christians use and reasons to avoid them. Also, the mega-hit song "Oh, Is That What the Bible is For?" which explains ... what the Bible is for.

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024 – Let’s Freak Out Over Politics

13 Dec, 2018

We all freak out over politics sometimes. So what causes this worry, what can we do about it, and how can we express our ‘Righteous Outrage’ through song?

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023 – Verses We Mess Up [2]

05 Oct, 2018

Sometimes Christians mess up the meaning of a Bible verse (even though they don't mean to). Here are two more examples of Bible verses that Christians sometimes get wrong and the reason why love is like cheese.

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022 – What’s the Deal with Satan?

13 Sep, 2018

Satan is real and often misunderstood. We have a tendency to either over or underestimate Satan. So in this episode we cover the basics of Satan so we can know how to respond to him.

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021 – What is the Meaning of Life?

23 Aug, 2018

Every day we are bombarded with competing answers to solve humanity's problems, but we never stop to ask, "What are the questions we're actually trying to answer?" So we tackle the biggest question of all, "What is the meaning of life?"

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020 – Does Evil Disprove God?

29 Jun, 2018

Many believe the existence of evil disproves God, but it actually does the opposite. In this episode, we explain the moral argument for God.

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019 – Weird Stories in the Bible (2)

29 Mar, 2018

This episode we cover the weird Bible story of judge Ehud who encounters idolatry, a fat king & poop. One guess on what we focus on unnecessarily. Also, featuring our euro-synth hit song, “Idols are Naughty”.

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018 – Verses We Mess Up

02 Mar, 2018

We Christians mess up verses all the time. What are some examples of this and how do we prevent it? Well, we wrote two hit songs to help you remember.

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017 – What Do We Get Wrong About Faith?

02 Feb, 2018

We've all seen the word “faith” misused – leading to problems and sin. So today we try to correct some of the most common misunderstandings about faith.

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016 – How to Make Marriage Awesome

22 Dec, 2017

In Part 2 of Marriage, we go over practical things you can do to make your marriage awesome… and sing like Creed.

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015 – What’s the Deal with Marriage?

10 Nov, 2017

What's the purpose of marriage? Why did God create marriage? And what makes a good marriage?

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014 – Mistakes Christians Make on Social Media (2)

20 Oct, 2017

Christians make a ton of mistakes on social media. So for the second time, we discuss our top mistakes: being preachy and not being discerning about our consumption of social media.

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013 – Mistakes Christians Make on Social Media

christians social media
31 Aug, 2017

Christians make a ton of mistakes on social media. So we discuss our top ones in an effort to help us spot areas we might need to change.

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012 – Is the Force Anything Like God?

13 Aug, 2017

The Force from Star Wars seems to have many divine attributes, but does it? Put your Jedi robes on because it gets geeky, but also put your thinking caps on because discussing divine attributes gets deep really quick.

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011 – Good and Bad Ways to Share Christ

30 Jun, 2017

We all want to share Christ, but we've all seen some Christians do this in some bad ways. So today we go over two terrible ways and contrast it to the proper ways of sharing Christ.

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010 – Hardest Commands in the Bible to Follow

16 Jun, 2017

The Bible is simple to read, but often times hard to obey. So in this episode, we discuss practical solutions for the hardest commands.

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009 – Why Do I Suffer?

29 May, 2017

Suffering is a reality all Christians face, but many don't know why. In this episode, we explain the reasons for our suffering.

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008 – Annoying Things Christians Do

10 May, 2017

We Christians regularly do annoying things. So this episode we poke fun at ourselves a bit.

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007 – How to Answer ‘Does God Exist?’

02 May, 2017

Explaining the existence of God is actually kinda easy once you get the logical basics down. This episode we unpack two of the most common logical arguments to prove the existence of God.

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006 – Just How Bad is a Joel Osteen Sermon?

13 Apr, 2017

Many Christians correctly stay away from Joel Osteen, but this prevents from interacting intelligently with those who have fallen for the prosperity gospel. So in this episode, we walk you through the audio of a Joel Osteen ‘sermon' so you can hear him in his words. We analyze his...

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005 – Weird Stories in the Bible

weird bible stories
30 Mar, 2017

The Bible has some weird stories. Some of them can be pretty funny if you have the maturity level of eight-year-olds like us.

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004 – What’s the Deal with the Prosperity Gospel?

21 Mar, 2017

We all know Christians who are into Joel Osteen and other ‘prosperity gospel' preachers. But what exactly does the prosperity gospel teach?

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003 – Movies with Christian Themes

12 Mar, 2017

Everyone has a worldview that defines the ideas that they convey. All movies and TV shows do the same. Many times these worldviews unknowingly borrow from universal Christian truths. As Christians, we should be able to compare and contrast what art and culture say versus the Biblical Christian worldview.

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002 – What is My Ministry?

04 Mar, 2017

What is ministry? And how do we figure out what our own personal ministry is?

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001 – Top Mistakes Christians Make

02 Mar, 2017

We Christians make many mistakes, the worst of which are the ones we don't know we're making. We go over some of the top mistakes we see Christians making.

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