Juliana Theory

Brett is his name.
Interview with Brett Detar of The Juliana Theory at Purple Door 1999. Interview and Photo by: Tom Bastian - Decapolis Music.

Tom: So what is new with The Juliana Theory?

Brett: Well, as far as the news is concerned, we have had a line-up change. Basically, Jeremiah is not in the band anymore. We have a good friend of ours - Josh Kosker - he is playing guitar with us now. He is not necessarily in the band at this point, but he is pretty much auditioning. So that's pretty much the biggest piece of news we have. As far as tours are concerned, in September we will be going out with Sensefield on, like, ten dates, and then we are going to go down into October on the East Coast by ourselves, I think. That's pretty much the tour.

Tom: Do you have any future plans for recording again?

Brett: We have a new split CD that will be coming out hopefully pretty soon. We recorded it a while ago. It's supposed to be with a band called the Grey AM as well as with a guy named Jonah (check out the Decapolis reviews section for a review of Jonah's latest EP) who used to sing for, or well he sings for Far. I think it's a three way split. We are doing that with him and the Grey AM. Again, that should be out soon, and then we hope to start recording our new record in January.

Tom: Who will be putting out the split CD?

Brett: It's a label called One Day Savior; they are out of Long Island, New York. It's this guy named Chris. He is really cool. I think the vinyl of our latest full-length is going to be out also. We are talking about that right now.

Tom: Would Tooth and Nail release that?

Brett: It would have their logo on it, but they would not release it. It would be with all new artwork. We are not sure of the label yet. I think it may be on Doghouse, and Good Life. It's actually going to be, like, a split, split, split release. We may do it with, like, four labels. But nothing is confirmed yet.

Tom: What are your feelings on Christians and the Arts?

Brett: I think Christians should represent the arts just as much as anybody else should. That's pretty much about it. That's my statement.

Tom: What is the thing you're most proud about with your band?

Brett: I think we could improve on just about every area of everything we do. But I think that our live shows are a lot of fun for people. I think we have a good time when we play, and I think kids have a good time, so if there is anything I would say I was pleased with, it would be our shows. I would say I'm pretty pleased with that. But I think that could get a lot better, too, so...

Tom: Are there any bands that you are really into now? That you have really been impressed with?

Brett: As far as bands within this scene of music, I'm really impressed with Further Seems Forever (Decapolis will be reviewing their latest CD soon). I don't know if you have heard them yet. It's all the guys from Strong Arm except their singer; they have a new singer. It's pretty much like rock. It's really good stuff. They are from Florida. Um, there is a lot of stuff I really like. But it's basically just, like, old stuff. Like Fugazi and bands like that.

Tom: Do you feel that your band has any sort of message you would like to share with the youth? Or basically what are you guys all about?

Brett: We are just really about rock and roll, pretty much. We don't really have a spiritual agenda, per se. We are just out to have a good time and make music we like, and hopefully other people will enjoy it. That is pretty much our stance.

Tom: I know its pretty early in the day here at Purple Door. You guys haven't even played yet. But what do you guys think of Purple Door so far?

Brett: I'm really surprised. We showed up and were like, "Who's gonna be there at ten in the morning?" and were like, "Oh my goodness, there are so many people." It looks like it's gonna be really cool. We are excited to play. Everybody has been super nice so far.

by Tom: Senior Music Correspondent

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