Cliffy and Mikey are all smiles.
Interview with Mikey and Cliffy Huntington at Purple Door, 1999 in Lancaster PA. Interview and photo by: Tom Bastian.

Tom: So what's new with the band? Any tours coming up, new albums, new band members?

Mikey: We toured all summer. Touring through October and again in November. New album just came out, called Get Lost on Tooth and Nail Records(reviewed in the Decapolis Music Reviews Section). Then the other new album doesn't come out until February. So it's not going to make it out this year. But close.

Cliffy: You can look for lots of touring next year too.

Tom: Any tours set in stone yet?

Cliffy: Well November hasn't been quiet booked. It's been routed. It will be Lugnut with us in September, and One21 with us in November.

Tom: So new members, don't you guys have some new members?

Mikey: C Jay is a new guitarist, but he is coming up on a year. Then Davey is filling in for us until November, maybe the end of the year. But Davey is not permanent. We've got a new guy lined up but not definite because he hasn't even played with us yet.

Cliffy: We kinda have to get the feel. Maybe next week we will sit down with him and run through a couple songs. Kind of see if he is really good enough or not. That will kind of give us an idea.

Tom: In terms of festivals like this, what are your feelings on the current state of the average Christian concert goer?

Mikey: At festivals they seem to be pretty excited. At regular shows they sometimes don't seem that excited. Festivals seem to make everybody a little more into it, seeing a bunch of bands in one day.

Cliffy: And they always bring the cash.

Tom: Do you guys have any feelings on the Christians and the Arts? Or in music more specifically.

Cliffy: My feeling about Christians and the arts is that, just like non Christians in the Arts, you better be good, or get out. Because if you suck at whatever you do, like talent wise, or songwriting, or like painting or whatever, don't charge people for it.

Tom: What about newer bands, like ones just starting out. What would be your advice to them?

Cliffy: Practice, a lot.

Mikey: Don't play shows until you are ready. Just practice before you start playing out and making demos. That's all I got to say.

Tom: What are you guys most proud about with the band?

Mikey: Kind of that we have done it ourselves, we have had label help and support, but not to the extreme that a lot of bands get. Everything we have kind of done so far we have pretty much, well we don't have management or anything like that. We pretty much do it all ourselves. We pretty much control it, pretty much.

Cliffy: I'm pretty proud of the new record and the newest Ramones record we did and the live album. Yea those three. I'm proud of those. And I'm proud that we actually have a van and a trailer and touring and stuff like that, it's pretty cool. I'm proud that we all wear black shirts. And I'm proud that we all wear jeans.

Mikey: Next question.

Cliffy: I'm just teasing with you man. I'm busting you on purpose man.

Tom: I know, well what bands have you been most impressed with lately, in general?

Mikey: Impressed with? The Calicoes for me. Because we had heard their CD and was not very impressed and then we went on the road with them and I was very impressed, they are a really good live band.

Cliffy: I'm very impressed with a band called War Rocket Ajax. Amazing band, probably the best new band of the year, of like unknown people. Because Arthur is really super good, but they are all very well known people and they know how to do the band thing, and have been doing it for a long time. But this band called War Rocket Ajax they are on this little label from California, but the band is from Texas, and they are just awesome I just couldn't believe how good they were. Very impressed with them. I like Zeke too.

Tom: What do you guys think of Purple Door so far?

Cliffy: (two visual thumbs up)

Mikey: I like it.

Cliffy: I knew I was going to like it. I'm just glad it is not hot. Very impressed with that its not hot.

Mikey: Very proud that it's not hot.

Cliffy: Look at this, its the same kind of interview we did last time, at the radio station with you.

by Tom: Senior Music Correspondent

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