Yet Another Five Iron Frenzy Interview
By Cathy Jensen

Keith and Micah
I recently had the privilege of sitting down and chatting with bassist Keith and guitarist Micah of Five Iron Frenzy about their music and views about Christian music, among other things. In a spacious room at the Living Word Christian Center in Maple Grove, MN, all the tour members (The W's and The Insyderz included) were dining on a filling pre-performance meal of Chinese, fruit, and banana bread (mmmm!). They graciously took some time out to pull up a chair and talk. (Editor's Note: I hope no one cares we do multiple interviews with bands. We like to keep you up to date.)

---When's your next album coming out and how is it different from your others?

Micah: Well, it's live! It comes out on Five Minute Walk Records. It's a compilation of 11 shows, and all the names of the audience members will be featured in the album jacket in teeny-teeny print!

---What's it been like so far touring with The Insyderz and The W's?

M: We're used to playing with other ska bands. Last year we did the skamania tour with the Supertones and the Insyderz and before that we did the Ska Against Racism tour with, like, 8 other ska bands including Less Than Jake, yada, yada, yada. . .

Keith: The cool thing about both those tours was that there wasn't two bands that sounded alike.

--How do you approach the spiritual aspects of your music and band? Do you perceive FIF as a ministry, like do you feel obligated to show your faith through your music?

M: I perceive our lives as a ministry. We're obligated to represent who we are as Christians through our lives.

K: I feel the only obligation we have is to live the way God has called us to live, and that might manifest itself in musical ways. For FIF I think it does, but I don't think that's necessarily true for every "Christian" band.

--A lot of bands in the Christian market get discouraged for different reasons. What are some of the pros and cons of being involved with the Christian music scene?

M: One of the things that is discouraging to me is that the industry part itself is kind of lame because they've been doing it for such a long time that they've (the Christian music industry) have become jaded towards the whole point. One of our challenges is not to become jaded ourselves and to try and get some life back into the industry and just pray about it. It's just important to have God in the center of everything.

K: I think a big problem with Christian music is when people stop doing it for God and start following the industry's standards, because that's the way to sell records, instead of doing what God's will has called them to do.

--Is there anything else we can expect form FIF in the near future?

M: In April we have a full length album coming out. We're recording it in San Francisco. We don't know the title yet. We have a lot of ideas, though!

---Is there a message you could send to the kid who's trying to "make it" in the music business, or for the kids in a band?

M: Just do it for God because if you do it for yourself eventually that purpose runs out.

---Is there any onstage embarrassing moments you have worth sharing?

M: There's been so many it's to the point where they're not even embarrassing anymore. Keith had a bad case of diarrhea onstage once!

K: But I didn't tell anybody about it until like a year later so that wasn't t very embarrassing. I've fallen over onstage a couple times. One time I tripped and fell in St. Louis and had to finish playing the song on my back! Scott, our old guitar player, pushed me! But that's because I was jumping up and down next to his microphone trying to make it smash his teeth while he was singing background vocals, (laughter). One time in Florida I just jumped, landed wrong, tripped, and had to finish that song on my back, too!

---Do you have any TV characters you really relate to?

K: Um, I have favorite TV shows.

--Like what?

K: The Simpsons and Futurama, Dr. Katz, David Letterman. I wish there was a good music show that actually played music. M2 is pretty cool. Don't get me started on movies, though! I have to say however that Blade Runner, The Blues Brothers, and PeeWee Herman's Big Adventure are three of the greatest ones ever made!

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