Every New Day- Even in the Darkest Places
by John_Durkee; 11.22.06

Artist: Every New Day
Album: Even in the Darkest Places
Label: Hand of Hope
Tracks: 11
Length: 44 minutes
Review by: John Durkee

This is easily one of the most monotonous CDs I've listened to all year. It's not that none of the songs have any melodies, they do, its the fact that the same one seems to be used in all of the songs. In fact, the same format of metalcore inspired pop punk, much like Thrice, is used over and over ad nausea. Here and there the band places some keys or synthed strings in the middle of songs as "bridges" between the heavy moments... er... just moments, because pretty much all of the record is fast and heavy. There are no breaks aside from those keyed parts, and even they sound the same.

To be fair, as someone who has seen them live I will say that the band has great energy on stage and puts on a fun show. Their music at the time seemed to show promise but lacked pizazz. Apparently their producer didn't change much of their sound. A pity, because it seems like the band is fairly talented technically, they just are missing the creative inspiration that makes a band great. If you love Thrice, and can't wait to hear anything that sounds like them, buy this, otherwise I'd stay away.

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