001. Does God Want Our Happiness? (How Can I Find Happiness?)

12 Mar, 2012

There’s this one thing that I think we’ve all thought of at one point. I want to follow God, but hopefully He doesn’t call me to be a missionary in Africa, New Guinea or New Jersey.

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074. Happy Valentine’s Day: Who Should I Date?

14 Feb, 2012

One of the burning questions everyone faces is, "Who should I date?" It ranks right up there with other burning questions like, "What is my calling?" and, "Who actually listens to the Black Eyed Peas?"

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128. The Trinity: So what’s the major difference between Christians and with Jehovah’s Witnesses and Mormons?

06 Dec, 2011

Two Jehovah Witnesses came to my door and were gone in under two minutes because I was able to coherently show my understanding of the difference between their view and Christianity. Well, it was either that or because I smelled like feet and beef.

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127. But What If I’m Not Good at Anything?

18 Nov, 2011

I got this great question in reply to figuring one's calling, [How can you figure out your calling] “if you aren't good at anything?”

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126. When something bad happens, what’s something quick I can tell myself so I don’t freak out?

09 Sep, 2011

We of course know that God is in control, and we aren’t. And we know verses like Romans 8:28 where it says all things work together for good. But sometimes you just need a quick phrase to keep your mind on track. Something more than "Hakuna Matata." Something that’s...

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063. Growing Closer to God in the Car (Part IV): The Epic Conclusion

24 Aug, 2011

There's tons of lessons we can learn in the car that we can take into the rest of our lives. One of those things is to never attempt to eat a taco supreme while driving. It just ends in tears.

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048. What does Christ mean when He says “Ye are the Branches”?

07 Jul, 2011

Dear Conrad, I had a couple of questions. The first is, "What does Christ mean when He says "Ye are the branches"? The second is, "How can you be so good looking yet so humble?"

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123. How Do I Prepare for a Successful Relationship?

15 Jun, 2011

As soon as they started clearing out some land for the pool, I tried it out. Unfortunately the pool wasn’t quite done yet, so I didn’t have any fun – I just ended up getting covered in dirt.

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078. It’s Tax Time. How Is That a Good Thing?

18 Apr, 2011

So I'm doing my taxes right now, and I am so glad our money is going to politicians who can spend it a lot more wisely than we can. Let's take money out of the economy from where it wanted, and give it to a few hundred ex-lawyers and...

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029. I Want To Grow, Now What?

04 Apr, 2011

Growing is really hard. It's something we all want to do, but without a strategy it's like trying to win a game without understanding your team or the other team. Or asking out a girl on a date without figuring out what you're going to say, or...

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028. What is one of the biggest resources God has given us all?

30 Mar, 2011

There’s one amazing common resource that God has blessed us all with. And no, I know what you’re thinking, but it’s not me.

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120. How I Learned What a Sewer Ejection Pit Is

20 Jan, 2011

So I wake up to water in the basement. But it’s not just water, it’s the drained water from, you know, drains. Like from a sink, a washing machine and toilets.

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200. Those Sinful Sinners are Annoying

13 Sep, 2010

When we talk about "All things work together for good" (Rom 8:28) we have to realize that it also includes when people are purposely sinning against us. Not just people, even aliens, like Predator.

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079. Thanksgiving!

19 Mar, 2010

During this season of thanksgiving there's a good verse to keep in mind, "…Thanks be to God--through Jesus Christ our Lord!" But what is this verse talking about? Thanks for what? How can you stand the tension? You must find out what this verse is...

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077. Why Does Jesus Hide Eggs on Easter?

17 Mar, 2010

We all know that Easter is ultimately to celebrate Christ's resurrection, thus defeating sin and death. Now most people think that the eggs represent the stone that was rolled away from the tomb.

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015. What is the Meaning of Life?

01 Jan, 2010

Despite what you might be thinking, the ultimate question in life isn’t, “How can Conrad be so good looking and humble at the same time?” but rather “What is the meaning of life?”

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200. What Do I Do About Being Judgemental?

18 Sep, 2009

Too bad criticizing people isn't one of the fruit of the spirit, cause man, if it were, I'd be like the best Christian ever. I wouldn't be just a tree with the fruit of judging, I'd be like a whole orchard of judging trees. Located in the tropics where...

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