025. Reverse Idols & How do I Deal with a Trial?

20 Jun, 2014

Some things are so hidden that you only find out about them when you are looking at something else. Like eating a cheeseburger to find out you don’t like pickles, or watching TV and finding you don’t like car insurance commercials, or watching Jersey Shore and finding out...

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014. How Do I Worship God More? (Part 5): How Can I Make Sure I’m Not Just Worshipping God on Sundays?

06 Dec, 2013

Yeah, I'm sure you're aware of people who think Sundays are for God and worship - then the rest of the week is for non-God stuff like work, mowing the lawn, and cleaning up the dog's poop.

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013. How Do I Worship God More? (Part 4): How Can I Work on Wrong Things I Worship?

15 Nov, 2013

We all are trying to worship God but we end up worshipping other things all the time. But like a lot of things in life, things just naturally happen and we don't necessarily realize what we're doing is wrong. Like spreading the flu or having body odor,...

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012. How Do I Worship God More? (Part 3): How Can I Spot When I Replace Him with Other Stuff?

25 Oct, 2013

We were created to worship God. Unfortunately we end up worshipping other things - like money, celebrities, and in my case... pancakes.

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011. How Do I Worship God More? (Part 2): What are the Different Parts of Worship?

18 Oct, 2013

Churches use the word "worship" in a bunch of different ways which can get confusing. Heck, I get confused just telling the difference between the communion tray and the offering tray. And let me tell you, a twenty dollar tastes just as bad as you might think.

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010. How Do I Worship God More? (Part 1): How Did God Set Up The World?

11 Oct, 2013

The first thing people associate with the term worship is singing in church. If that's the case, and let's be honest here, some of people around us, their singing could hardly be called worship. It either sounds like a remote controlled airplane or an air raid siren.

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128. The Trinity: So what’s the major difference between Christians and with Jehovah’s Witnesses and Mormons?

06 Dec, 2011

Two Jehovah Witnesses came to my door and were gone in under two minutes because I was able to coherently show my understanding of the difference between their view and Christianity. Well, it was either that or because I smelled like feet and beef.

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