099. Thanksgiving (Part 2): How Do I Turn Complaints into Thanks?

29 May, 2013

Just this morning I was complaining how our weiner dog, Brutus (pictured above), wouldn't poop when I took him out. I was out walking around our yard and he's just sniffing around, peeing on stuff… after he already peed. "C'mon, you already peed. Time for puppy...

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098. Thanksgiving (Part 1): Yeah, Don’t Complain. Now What?

22 May, 2013

One thing that’s always never sat right with me is when people tell others to stop complaining and to be thankful because there are those who are worse off. Like, “Kids, be thankful for your green beans because there are starving kids in Africa who would love to have...

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079. Thanksgiving!

19 Mar, 2010

During this season of thanksgiving there's a good verse to keep in mind, "…Thanks be to God--through Jesus Christ our Lord!" But what is this verse talking about? Thanks for what? How can you stand the tension? You must find out what this verse is...

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