071. New Year’s Resolutions (Part 2): What Resolutions Should I Have?

25 Jan, 2016

Last time we talked about New Year Resolutions really were about what you love. So my list looked really stupid... "#1. Eat bacon everyday. #2. Learn new recipes for bacon, #3. Thank God daily for bacon."

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070. New Year’s Resolutions (Part 1): What’s the Right Reason to Start?

11 Jan, 2016

Since the earth is in the same position than it was last year relative to the sun, we should get moving on things that we should be doing anyways, like exercise, get out of debt, or win the lottery.

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073. Resolutions (Part 4): What Prevents us from Accomplishing our Goals?

22 Jan, 2013

There's so much to getting new resolutions in place and actually moving. I wish it was easier because I have so many resolutions that are sitting around that remain unfinished. Exercise regularly, get financially organized and at least attain the grammar of a third grader.

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072. Resolutions (Part 3): What Makes a Successful Resolution?

16 Jan, 2013

New Year’s Resolutions really are goals. But not all goals are created equal. Goals need certain elements to be successful. For example there’s a big difference between the financial goals: “I want to eliminate my credit card debt this year” versus “I want to be as rich as a...

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