090. How Do We Deal with Judgmentalism?

18 Feb, 2013

People are judgmental. Look, I know it looked bad. But there is a very good reason why I was wearing that dress.

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065. Finding God in a Sink

14 Sep, 2012

A bit ago I was trying to replace a sink and vanity at a townhouse my wife and I were trying to sell. Oh, that’s easy you say, just buy the parts and replace the old sink and vanity with the new ones. Yes, it would be...

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061. How Can I Grow Closer to God in the Car? (Part II)

07 Sep, 2012

Since our last talk, I've been doing a lot of growing in the car. Mainly because other people keep trying to crash their cars into me.

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060. How Can I Grow Closer to God In the Car?

31 Aug, 2012

If there's one place everyday that your faith is tested, it's on the road. A car is a huge weapon and they'll give a drivers license to just about anyone – teenagers, criminals and even women.

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053. What’s One Easy Way I Can Apply My Faith in Everyday Life?

03 Jul, 2012

God wants us to pray continually. And we always seem to hit stoplights continually. Which means I tend to yell continuously.

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035. Relationships: What Do I Do When Things Aren’t Going Well?

17 Apr, 2012

Have you ever gotten so sick of someone close to you that you just wanted to scream? Now I’m not talking about getting sick of your proctologist. I’m talking someone close in a different way, in a relationship way.

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