030. Relationships: People Are Disappointing, So What Do We Do?

21 Dec, 2015

I’ve said it before… ministry starts with relationships. And since people aren’t as perfect (or as humble) as I am, there’s a lot to consider.

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019. What Does it Mean to ‘Wash One Another’s Feet’, and Why It’s Not Totally Gross.

18 Apr, 2014

“Whose Feet Do I Want to Wash?” is probably a question we don’t ask a whole lot. It kind of ranks up there with “Which one of my eyes do I want to poke with this stick?” or “Which Star Wars Prequel should I watch?”

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093. What’s the Quickest Way to Become Spiritually Useless?

18 Mar, 2013

There’s a ton of things that are awesome and you take out one element and it becomes useless? Like taking out an engine out of a Ferrari, or taking out the battery from your smartphone, or taking bacon out of a salad.

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090. How Do We Deal with Judgmentalism?

18 Feb, 2013

People are judgmental. Look, I know it looked bad. But there is a very good reason why I was wearing that dress.

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045. What is my Primary Ministry?

12 May, 2012

When people think of ministry they typically think of things like serving in their church’s childrens ministry, going overseas on a missions trip, or saving someone from wearing socks with sandals.

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039. Relationships: How Do We End Up Doing Satan’s Work for Him?

01 May, 2012

Even though we don’t know it, half the times in life, even in our own families, we do Satan’s work for him. More than just making our family listen to the Black Eyed Peas, getting cell phone service on AT&T or changing the channel to Full House.

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034. Relationships: How Should I See Myself in Relation to Others?

12 Apr, 2012

This series has been on relationships because a lot of times we overlook the people closest to us. Kinda like how I just spent time going to store to buy bacon just to find out I had some in my pocket the whole time.

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