092. What Should I Do When Someone is Guilty?

05 Mar, 2013

There's times where we jump to conclusions about someone after hearing one piece of information. Especially if they have history. So that doesn't automatically mean that those tap dancing shoes that were found are mine.

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090. How Do We Deal with Judgmentalism?

18 Feb, 2013

People are judgmental. Look, I know it looked bad. But there is a very good reason why I was wearing that dress.

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200. What Do I Do About Being Judgemental?

18 Sep, 2009

Too bad criticizing people isn't one of the fruit of the spirit, cause man, if it were, I'd be like the best Christian ever. I wouldn't be just a tree with the fruit of judging, I'd be like a whole orchard of judging trees. Located in the tropics where...

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