062. How Can I Grow Closer to God in the Car (Part III)

10 Sep, 2012

As if things couldn't get worse on the road – now I see people texting while driving. It's bad enough when you drive while talking on the cell phone, you're still actually looking at the road. But texting? I mean you take both hands...

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055. What Do I Do When I Can’t Forgive Someone? (Part 2)

24 Jul, 2012

Forgiveness is hard. I know. Especially when there's people out there who listen to smooth jazz.

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054. What Do I Do When I Can’t Forgive Someone? (Part 1)

11 Jul, 2012

We all have people we can't forgive. Sometimes it's for something simple like they were mean to you. Sometimes it's larger like they cheated on you. And sometimes it's massive... like creating the Star Wars Prequels.

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