Velvet Blue Music
Huntington Beach, CA

Interview by Nate Bailey

Velvet Blue Music
Nate: Tell us about the history of VBM and who is involved in the day to day operation.

Jeff: It started 5 years and 60 releases ago. I work here full time and Dirk from Stavesacre works here part time along with various interns from time to time.

Nate: In your mission statement, you mention that your goal is to promote music of high quality, creativity, and integrity. What are your standards for these attributes, and why are they important?

Jeff: The standards are my own personal standards, music like any art is subjective, so I work with bands "I" feel live up to those standards. Why is this important? So Christian music doesn't appear to be a bunch of morons to the rest of the world.

Nate: VBM seems not to stick with any one style of music, but instead to work with bands that you see as talented and promising. Why do you think this is the best policy?

Jeff: I work with bands that I think write good songs, regardless of their genre. If I found a black metal band that I thought wrote cool songs, I'd put it out.

Nate: Several former Tooth and Nail bands seem to have found a home with VBM. Is there any real reason for this, or has it just worked out that way?

Jeff: For one, being on T&N myself, I have become a friend with many of the bands, so things just naturally progress to us working together + there are no contracts or any high tech stuff here at VBM, we do all our deals on a handshake.

Nate: A few individuals that work with VBM seem to be in bands themselves. How does this make the day to day operation of the label interesting, and what new perspective is added?

Jeff: I don't know if I would say interesting, maybe more busy. I think the perspective helps a ton, it allows you to take a look at both sides of the fence.

Nate: Would you say that VBM caters to a specific kind of music listener, or is the playing field sort of level in all directions?

Jeff: I'm not sure, I don't aim for any specific listener. I'm happy to have anyone as a listener.

Nate: In the history of VBM what band has just blown you away?

Jeff: LN, they are this real mellow low key band that consistently turns in great songs. I am also so happy to be working with Stavesacre, their live shows literally blow me away, and they are so tight it's almost un-human.

Nate: You're based in Huntington Beach, CA. Is it hard to come into work versus go to the beach?

Jeff: Not really, I live about 2 blocks from the beach and I probably go there about 4 times a year.

Nate: What is the most requested album from VBM?

Jeff: It kinda goes in spurts, it's usually SF 59 "plugged"

Nate: What other Indie labels are doing good work these days?

Jeff: Burnt Toast Vinyl and Takehold Records.

Nate: Why is it that everyone in California bands seems to have multiple side projects and other musical endeavors?

Jeff: There are about 8 people here who somehow form about 22 bands.

Nate: What makes VBM possible?

Jeff: The blessings of the Lord and loyalty of the listeners, those are the only things that make it possible.

Nate: What is the official take out food of VBM?

Jeff: This is terrible but Dirk and I eat lunch at McDonalds a lot, it's across from the office.

Nate: What represents VBM the most?

Jeff: Hard work, integrity, and creativity.

Nate: Any other comments?

Jeff: Thanks for the interview.

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