Takehold Records
Birmingham, AL

Interview by Nate Bailey

Nate: What is the reason that Takehold Records exists?

Chad: To produce quality indie recordings for up and coming bands and to serve as a vehicle of spiritual stimulation in both a creative and original format.

Nate: Does the song, "Sweet Home Alabama" hold a special meaning for you?

Chad: Absolutely none, considering that I'm originally from the Caribbean. Although I'll admit that I had the best of Lynard Skynard tape in high school. That song has to be the most overused and abused request at live shows in town.

Nate: Who is on staff at the label, and what else do they do when they aren't working at Takehold?

Chad: Garrett Simpson: A&R/Street Team Manager, also works part-time at CD Warehouse, is from Jacksonville Beach, has toured with the Goodie Mob. Kris McCaddon: Graphic Design, works full-time for Bauda design, when he's not working on Takehold material, he might be working on Marilyn Manson, Machinehead, The Cult, or numerous other American music icons. Resides in Culver City, Ca. with his wife, Julie. Ryan Arakawa: Overseas & Key-market Distribution coordinator. Is from Hawaii, likes to surf and kick the pow. Has a brother that looks almost identical...so he can pull some pretty good pranks. Chad Johnson: Division of Pesticide Control manager. Can also be seen hitting up the lake jump with G.S. after work. Supposedly runs the company, but this is yet to be verified.

Nate: Describe your office set-up. Are you in a garage or a corporate suite?

Chad: We are in a Basement office. Two walls consist of CD's stacked about 5 feet high, another wall is stacked with t-shirts and misc. goods, the 4th wall is the computer work station. The middle area is the mail- order/Distribution set-up. Overall it works out fairly well.

Nate: What bands are on Takehold, and why are they there?

Chad: The bands we're currently working with are Stairwell, Few Left Standing, Twothirtyeight, Underoath, Narcissus, Tantrum of the Muse, The Operation and Hopesfall. They're here because we love what they do and they deserve to be heard.

Nate: Does Takehold have a specific sound (Hardcore etc.)?

Chad: We are more geared towards reaching the outer bounds of the musical sound waves known as metal/hardcore/punk/indie/emo/pop...but don't limit ourselves to bands only playing that style.

Nate: What has been the biggest challenge with the day to day running of the label?

Chad: Up until now, running all of the aspects like accounting, collecting, distribution, marketing, A&R, within a very limited time frame.

Nate: To date, what has been the best selling release?

Chad: The FSF/Recess Theory split has done really well as has all of Twothirtyeight's material and actually everyone else is coming in at a really close second...just wait until the new stuff hits!

Nate: I noticed that a lot of the larger pressings (3000+) have sold out. Some labels hold onto releases forever…what has made this possible?

Chad: I guess we've been able to build a pretty solid reputation for having decent products and stuff that kids are into, so it sells pretty well. Most labels probably aren't spending money on ads, free promo copies, etc....all of which help to sell an album.

Nate: What distributors do you use? Where can the kids buy their favorite Takehold releases?

Chad: We've recently signed an exclusive distribution deal with Lumberjack Distribution. We're very excited about this and kids should be able to find our product anywhere that quality indie releases are sold. Just because it's not on the shelf doesn't mean a store can't get it.

Nate: If Takehold records were a football team, which team would they be?

Chad: I don't know, I'm not much into football.

Nate: There's a Takehold records board meeting, and you order out, what do you get?

Chad: Board meeting oh, you mean bored meeting? We'd get Ruth Chris.

Nate: What is the meaning behind the name, Takehold? What are you taking hold of?

Chad: Actually the name comes from a verse in II Timothy. In a nutshell it talks about being generous with what God gives you and to always strive for what lies ahead. In essence, taking hold of what God gives us and sharing whatever that is with those around us.

Nate: Are any of the Takehold employees in bands themselves?

Chad: Not that I know of, but Garrett wants to be in Weezer.

Nate: If there is someone reading this, who has never heard of Takehold Records, why should they check you out?

Chad: Because each of our CD's is laced with a powerful, transforming, money producing paper stock. Instead of depositing money in the bank, just drop off your Takehold product and they will instantly relieve you of any monetary setbacks.

Nate: Any Comments?

Chad: Thanks for running this interview. Takehold loves Decapolis.

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