Project 86
By CraftyJonson

Andrew and Crafty
Project86 has redefined hard music as we know it. Last year, this band of young men out of Orange County California has broken new ground and become immensely popular from last year's self-titled debut album on BEC Recordings, their tour last spring with P.O.D. and Blindside, their tour in the fall with Squad Five-O, and their smash video/single "Pipe Dream". Past up by many as another "rap-core" band, the Project is proving the critics wrong in many ways. I got a chance to talk with lead singer Andrew after a recent show in Atlanta Ga., where he easily conversed with me about Project 86's new album Drawing Black Lines, their upcoming tour with the Supertones, and even a little Sunny Day Real Estate...

CraftyJonson (CJ): Could you tell us real quick who you are and what you play and how long you've been around?

Andrew: Andrew. Project 86... been around for almost four years and I'm the lead vocalist.

CJ: Alright, would you describe the differences in the new album (Drawing Black Lines) and the old one (Self-titled)?

A: Sure... I'd say the new one is more diverse tempo-wise. Stylistically speaking, I'd say it's a... heavier album, but also more melodic at the same time. I'd say we all have matured immensely in terms of our creative input on the album. Lyrically speaking, I'd say there's a more universal appeal rather than just my own thoughts about my own trials and things like that... I'd say it's an album of a much bigger scope and I think it definitely displays a lot more maturity.

CJ: Cool. Do you have any favorite songs off the new one?

A: I'd have to say my favorites are probably "Stein and Steam", "Sad Machine", and probably "P.S." as well.

CJ: So you guys are going on tour with the Supertones right?(He nods) How do you feel about that?

A: Um... I think it's gonna be an interesting tour. The bands on that tour are so incredibly different both in sound and approach... but the cool thing is man, is we're friends with those dudes and we're going out with them on a tour that will no doubt bring in lots of kids every night and I think it'll be a really fun thing. It's something our fans can go to and really enjoy. There's gonna be a lot of special things we're gonna be doing on that tour... from giving away free posters to having our own little meeting place for us and all our fans at every show... just our own little room. It's gonna be cool.

CJ: Would you say that there is any major purpose for Project 86 as a band?

A: Well, I'd say... we feel like we're doing something that is a little bit different in the way we go about things and that gives us purpose, meaning that uh... ya' know we're all Christians. We all belive very strongly in that... in the truth. But the way we go about presenting that is in a creative format. First and foremost through our music and I don't think there's a lot of bands out there that are 100% about the music but also 100% about presenting the message in a strong but totally abstract and creative way. I think that our place and our purpose is to do just that...

CJ: Do you guys have any plans for a new video or anything at this point that you could share with us?

A: Not yet, uh... there hasn't been too much talk about that. I'm sure that we'll be doing a video probably within a few months after the album releases. It's unclear about what the single on the album is yet. I think there's three or four potentials. That's incidentally another difference between this album and the last one. There's three or four very identifiable singles on this record as opposed to the last album wich was very similar all the way through.

CJ: Last question. I was just kinda wondering what have you been listening to recently? Do you have any favorites or anything?

A: What do I listen to? Personally? Ya know, lately my musical selection gets more and more diverse everyday. There's a band from Sweden named Avinanda [writer's note: I have no idea how to spell the name of the band Andrew said, but that's what it sounded like] that I really like; a rock band. I listen to Tori Amos quite a bit, Led Zepelin. One of my favorite bands is Snapcase... The CDs that are most frequently in my CD player the Handsome CD and also the Quicksand "Slip" album. I listen to a lot of different stuff. I'm super into like female vocalists like Fiona Apple and uh...

CJ: All this stuff you mentioned is like really really passionate and you guys as aband and you as a singer have SO much passion...

A: Yeah, I like to listen to- One thing I like to say is that the music that I write or we write- at least for me personally- is really just an extention of the music that influenced me, and the way music has influenced me. I've always been into music that is very strong and is very emotional and is moving. And I can't listen to it if it's not moving. Even Sunny Day Real Estate... I LOVE Sunny Day Real Estate and I think that Jeremy Egnik writes just amazing lyrics. Their imagery and the way they go about things just makes them such an amazing band. There's so many other bands I could name.

CJ: That's a tour I'd like to see...

(He's laughing. Either because he thinks it's funny or because he thinks I'm a big loser...)

A: With Sunny Day?!? I don't know about that... It's a little different crowd...

CJ: But anyway... I appreciate you taking the time out for this interview man. It's gonna be at so check that out.

A: Cool. Thanks.

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