Planes Mistaken For Stars
By Jenn Hunt

Planes Mistaken For Stars (by Jenn)
Recently I got to sit down and chat with Matt and Mike of the Denver based band, Planes Mistaken for Stars. After getting kicked out of the venue because the show had gone about 2 hours over, we retreated to their van to conduct the interview…

Jenn: Let's start off with an easy question. Who are you and what do you do in the band?

Matt: Hi, my name is Matt and I play guitar and do some vocals.

Mike: My name is Mike and I play the drums. There's two other members who aren't here.

Matt: Yeah, Jamie Drier plays bass and Gared sings and plays the guitar as well.

Jenn: Can you give us a little background on how you guys got started?

Matt: Me, Jamie and Gared started playing in bands together when we were like 14 and about 2 ½ years ago we started this band with Mike. We lived in Peoria, IL at the time, and we just busted our *****. We had a different bass player when we first started as this band but after about a year Jamie jumped on and we all moved to Denver together, just to get out of the Midwest. We've been trying to stay busy since we got there.

Planes Mistaken For Stars (by Jenn)
Jenn: How would you describe your sound?

Matt: Rock

Mike: Good old rock and roll.

Jenn: So, you guys are from Denver. What's the scene like out there?

Matt: It's pretty cool. There's a lot of good bands out there who are just starting. When we first got there it seemed kinda segregated, like there's a lot of kids there but some of them go to certain shows and some of them go to other shows in different places but we've been trying to meet as many people as we can since we've gotten there and just help bring people together there because it's a really cool place.

Jenn: What good bands would you say are coming out of Denver right now?

Matt: There's this band, they're real rocking, called Pinhead Circus. There's this other band called Eiffel. This band that we just did two weeks with called The Messy Hairs, they're a skate rock band, they're super good guys.

Mike: No Place for a Hero.

Matt: Yeah, No Place for a Hero. They're good friends of ours from Nebraska that live in Denver now. Did we forget anybody?

Mike: That's probably about it.

Jenn: You just released an EP on Deep Elm, can you tell us a little bit about that?

Matt: Well, the way we hooked up with Deep Elm was when we first got together we recorded a record six months later and put it out ourselves and started touring on that. John from Deep Elm had heard it and liked it a lot and he wanted to re-press it for us. We let him re-press it, and then he was nice enough to help us with our second EP that we just put out. He's a nice guy, he likes what we're doing and we think he's a good guy so we've just worked with him so far.

Planes Mistaken For Stars (by Jenn)
Jenn: That leads into my next question. What do you guys think about being on Deep Elm?

Matt: He helps us out, it's so mutual. We don't have any kind of contract with Deep Elm. I don't know how to answer that question really. He's a cool guy.

Mike: He's a really cool guy, we like working with him. He was the first one who agreed to help us out and try and get our stuff to Japan and Europe. He has really good distribution. He's a great guy. We don't have anything written, y'know a contract or anything but that's cool.

Planes Mistaken For Stars (by Jenn)
Jenn: What do you think about the other bands on Deep Elm?

Matt: The guys in Cross My Heart are our good friends, those guys rock. There's a lot of good bands on that label, even though it's not really what I'm into musically. We're friends with the guys in Appleseed Cast. A lot of the bands we just don't even know as people. Cross My Heart and us have gotten along really well since we've met and we're hoping to do stuff with them in the future like possibly go to Europe with them.

Jenn: You guys have been on the road now for a little while, what's that been like? Any funny stories?

Matt: There's a funny story from an old tour, but I'll just say go to and read the interview there cause it's way too long to even go into right now.

Planes Mistaken For Stars (by Jenn)
Jenn: Yeah, I read that one. It sounded like an interesting experience.

Matt: Rock on. Yeah. So far on this tour though, I dunno.

Mike: Don't go to Monroe, Louisiana.

Matt: Yeah, don't go to there. It's a scary place.

Mike: We ended up staying at this trailer with this dude.
(The interview is interrupted at this point by Gared coming up to the window and asking the guys what they wanted to do that night)

Mike: So, Monroe. We ended up staying with this dude in a black jumpsuit in his trailer 30 miles outside of town in the middle of the woods in some swamps. He warned us of his hillbilly brother with a shotgun. We got kicked out of this place at 7 the next morning.

Matt: Because his brother was going to come shoot us and have the cops come after us.

Mike: It's a strange place. There was a real Civil War cannon in the front yard, that was the scariest part.

Matt: Yeah, but no sexual offers yet on this tour. We're still waiting.

Jenn: What have you guys been listening to in the van?

Mike: Anything we can get our hands on. We listen to a very diverse mix of music, I would say, especially between the four of us. We all have our little areas of interest.

Matt (to Mike): What did we listen to today?

Mike: I don't know.

Matt: Trying to think. We listened to Engine Kid, Threadbare, Iceburn, Black Flag, Long List.

Jenn: Do any of the members have certain religious beliefs?

Matt: Nope, none of us do. We're pretty vocal about letting people know that we don't have any religious affiliation. A lot of people think Deep Elm is a religious label, or a Christian label and it's far from it. There just happen to be a couple bands on there that have a Christian affiliation and he gets a bad rep because of that, or a good rep because of that but he doesn't have anything to do with it (the "Christian" music scene) and neither do we.

Mike: We don't like isolating ourselves to certain denominational churches. There's Christianity, there's Catholicism, and there's Buddhism, all that **** and they're all so similar in so many ways. Why can't you learn from all of them, instead of just one of them?

Matt: Yeah, I just think they're all a bunch of fairy tales myself. I'm completely agnostic.

Jenn: All right, well that's all the questions I had. So, is there anything else you'd like to say?

Mike: Rock on.

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