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Lee Bozeman
Recently Conrad sat down for an interview with Lee Bozeman, lead singer and one of two guitarists for the excellent pop/rock band Luxury. To be exact, Conrad sat down at his computer, typed the questions out and e-mailed them to Lee, who in turn sat down at his computer about a thousand miles away (we assume he sat down) and typed out his responses to those questions, then e-mailed them back to Conrad. We took the e-mail, tossed it in a burlap sack with a dead squirrel and a hunk of beef jerky, beat it with a stick for about an hour, and here's what we got:

Conrad: What is your name? And what do you do in the band?

Lee Bozeman: My name is Lee and I sing and make some noise with a guitar.

C: Give us some background about yourself (non-band stuff).

LB: I am 27. My favorite colors as a young boy were pink and gray. I enjoy playing golf. I once had a parakeet. I feel that the biggest problem facing teenagers today is their profound lack of intuition and decency. I also once owned three large goldfish.

C: Give us some background about your band.

LB: Our band plays music and occasionally makes records that a couple people buy. We're not really a band though. We don't own leather pants and I have never bought a guitar cable of my own.

C: How do you approach spiritual aspects on your music and band? Like, how do you as a Christian approach music and the band? How do you see Christians and the arts?

LB: Music and Christianity. Has there ever been a more misunderstood and terribly unhealthy relationship than between these two? The evangelical mentality has so pervaded and manipulated the modern western Christian that he is unable to see that Christianity is not a product to be bought and sold, nor is it a message to be propagandized, but rather, it is a completely counter-culture existential lifestyle. Contemporary Christian Music is nothing more than a musical version of McDonald's. They offer little in the way of true sustenance and appeal to our lowest common desire: our desire to be entertained. A true artist seeks to find peace with himself, and we, as onlookers, see something that is real and we cling to and believe in it. The truest Christian artist is the most human artist.

C: Why do you think the majority of the Christian music industry thinks that you have to have evangelism in your music?

LB: I am really not terribly familiar with too many Christian bands and it is really difficult for me to say whether or not they are maintaining virtues. The few that I am familiar with are quite decent people, that make music for the right reasons (the music). Of course, they get angry when they are taken advantage of, as we all do, but they are trying to be good and honest people. They are not putting on an act.

C: How well do you think bands in the Christian market (specifically cooler bands, and not Newsboys, etc.) are doing in terms of keeping integrity beyond their music (how they act, how they view concerts, how they respond to getting screwed by promoters, labels, etc.)?

LB: Being in Christian music is terribly discouraging. Most fans are not at all interested in the artistic qualities of a band. They are only interested in the volume. As you play every night to 13- and 14-year-olds, you begin to realize that they just don't get it and that you might as well be a traveling puppet show. Of course, this isn't unique to the Christian scene, but it happens everywhere. People don't want to think, they only want to be entertained.

C: A lot of bands in the Christian market get discouraged once they're out there. What problems do you see in our scene (bands, labels, or fans) that makes them think that way? How do you think those problems can be addressed or solved?

LB: These problems could be solved if bands stopped trying to be products and started concerning themselves with making music that can be sacred (meaning "lasting"). Also, they shouldn't allow 13- and 14-year-olds to attend concerts. And they shouldn't have concerts in a church. How sacrilegious is that?

C: What are some positive aspects in our scene?

LB: Positive aspects? There is always hope for change.

C: Where do you think the average Christian concert kid stands in their beliefs and acting upon them? What do these kids lack the most in their spiritual lives?

LB: Kids today lack convictions and the gumption to act upon them. God doesn't need cheerleaders. He wants sober-minded, self-controlled people who love unconditionally. He wants real people, not duplicates. He wants people who will embrace suffering and find peace with themselves.

C: Where did you learn what you believe?

LB: I have gained my beliefs through hell and highwater.

C: What do you think your personal calling is (band or otherwise)? What can we expect from Luxury in the upcoming future?

LB: Luxury makes no plans. That way, we never have to change them.

C: If there is one particular message that you'd like everyone to understand, what would it be?

LB: "I know the sun will rise, though I have no proof of it."

C: Thank you so much for doing this interview.

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