Interview and photos by: Austin Britton

At a recent Luti-Kriss show I got to sit down with Scottie (one of the guitar players) and talk about what the band has been up to. He seemed to have only good things to say.

Austin: State your name and what you play?

Scottie: My name is Scottie and I play guitar.

Austin: Give a brief history of the band, how it started and how it got to where it is today.

Scottie: It started about 4 years ago. We were all friends and just started the band for fun. We didn't get serious till Daniel (the drummer) and I went to a church youth group event with Daniel's sister. It was here that Daniel and I gave our lives to God and were saved. The next week the rest of the band came and got saved as well. Then we just gave the band to God and have been doing it ever since.

Austin: How did you get interested in spiritual things?

Scottie: Well before we got saved we weren't. We weren't even going to go to the youth group thing that night because we had been to other functions like that where they just play basketball and stuff. We figured there would be free food though and we went. That night totally changed our lives.

Austin: How did that change the band?

Scottie: Well before we got saved we were just doing it for fun. We just liked music and wanted to be in a band. But after the change in our lives, the band changed. We wanted to glorify God as much as we could and reach out to as many kids like us that we could.

Austin: How did you guys come up with the name Luti-Kriss?

Scottie: Well back when we were in garage bands and stuff our singer has always had that name. He just had it as like a stupid name, but it has stuck.

Austin: How does the songwriting process go for Luti-Kriss?

Scottie: Usually all of us just play guitar in our rooms and record our riffs and stuff. Then we get together for practice and try to put them all together. That usually works pretty well. Lyrically, Josh (the lead vocalist) writes all the lyrics. The songs usually get done first and then he'll pray and stuff about the words. At practice he starts getting ideas and writing them down.

Austin: How did you guys go about getting signed to Solid State?

Scottie: Actually, we didn't do anything. I think Brandon (CEO of Tooth and Nail/BEC/Solid State Records) like asked around about us a little; friends of ours in Project 86 and Embodyment were also putting in good words for us. I don't know if Brandon actually saw us before he sent us contracts, but he did. We then prayed about it for awhile because we had some other options. Then it just became evident that Solid State was the route we should go.

Austin: How was your time over in Europe?

Scottie: It was amazing. We can't wait to go back. We were over there for a little over 2 weeks. We played mostly festivals. We went to Amsterdam, Norway, and Germany. Everything was great, the kids, just everything.

Austin: What's some of the highlights of your American your dates?

Scottie: The Solid State tour was amazing. The venues we were playing were bars and clubs, places we really want to play at. We also played with like Converge and American Nightmare, "secular" bands that we really wanted to play with. We believe that a lot of kids out there are like we used to be, ignorant of the "Christian" heavy scene; we want to be out there in the "secular" market reaching out. We hope to hook up with more "secular" bands in the future.

Austin: What's the main focus of Luti-Kriss?

Scottie: The main focus is to let people know God's out there and He loves us. We don't want to disrespect people with other views you know, but God totally changes our lives and we want people to know that.

Austin: How do you guys maintain your spiritual walk on the road?

Scottie: Well it's been really awesome having the youth pastor we have. He set up like a whole discipleship program for us while we were on the road. We did stuff like scripture reading, scripture memory, and kept journals. He (the youth pastor) is going to test us on stuff when we get back, he's been doing awesome stuff with us.

Austin: What kind of new stuff is Luti-Kriss up to?

Scottie: Well, we have two new songs that we played tonight. We will be on tour the next couple of weeks and then will start writing for our next album. We'll probably go into record in March and try and have the new album out by next cornerstone.

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