Interview by: Tim Moore
Limp is a 4-piece pop-punk band from California signed to Honest Don's Records. They are in the process of working on their 3rd album for Honest Don's. This interview was done via e-mail.

Tim: Who are you and what is your part in Limp?

Serge: I am Serge and I play bass.

Tim: When did Limp form?

Serge: Summer of 94. Seems like a lifetime ago.

Tim: How many records does Limp have out?

Serge: Two full lengths on Honest Don's and one EP on Fueled by Ramen.

Tim: Is there a new record in the works?

Serge: Yes, we're in the process of writing one.

Tim: What bands have Limp had the chance to play with?

Serge: We have played with a whole lot of bands. Some of my favorites would be: M.C. Hammer, the Specials & GWAR.

Tim: Are there any tour plans in the works?

Serge: No, we're taking time to write the new album. It's really hard to do it on the road.

Tim: Are you guys still on Honest Don's?

Serge: Yes.

Tim: How many more records do you have with them?

Serge: We've finished our contract with them, but they are welcoming us back.

Tim: Will Limp sign with a major label or another indie label after Honest Don's?

Serge: I have no idea. We pretty much take it as it comes.

Tim: Do you like McDonalds?

Serge: We eat a lot of it on tour. I ate McDonalds in Japan a few times because they understood "Quarter-pounder with cheese."

Tim: How do you feel about people mistaken the band as Limp Bizkit?

Serge: I don't feel any way about it.

Tim: Who came up with the name Limp?

Serge: Phil did. We were just starting out and he came up to me and said, "What do you think of the name Limp". I thought it was funny and went to see if any other bands had that name. This was before Limp Bizkit even started, so it was wide open, and we took it.

Tim: Do you like the emo-punk band's coming out?

Serge: Yeah, if they're good. I think the last Get Up Kids album was amazing.

Tim: What do you think about some of the "Christian" punk bands?

Serge: "Christian" punk sounds like an oxymoron to me. As long as they're not all preachy and their music is good, I'll listen to it.

Tim: What do you think about Jesus Christ?

Serge: I'm Jewish, so I don't think anything of him. I think all organized religions are (bleep). If you have some deep spiritual, personal connection to him, then great, more power to you. But if you're some monkey that goes to church because you have to and have no deep understanding of why you're there, then I think you're a moron and I don't need to listen to what you have to say.

Tim: How do you feel about some bands Christian hate lyrics?

Serge: Well, if you can have pro-Christian bands, then you should be able to have anti-Christian bands. That's what freedom of speech is all about.

Tim: Do you like hardcore?

Serge: If it's good.

Tim: How long have you been friend's with DHC?

Serge: Since pretty much the beginning of our band. Our first drummer was Scott who played guitar for DHC at the same time. That's how it all started.

Tim: Are there other bands you are good friends with?

Serge: Yeah, a few.

Tim: Do you like the California punk scene?

Serge: Yeah, it's fine.

Tim: What are your feelings on school shootings?

Serge: What do I think of them? I think it's very bad commentary of our society today. If anything good came out of these shootings, it's that people are now paying attention to kids that don't fit in instead of sweep them under the rug like they did with us in my time.

Tim: What are your top 5 favorite bands?

Serge: I don't know. Too hard to say. ELO, Styx and Slayer would be pretty high up on the list.

Tim: Do you like Napster?

Serge: Yeah, it's fine. It's greed breeding greed as far as I'm concerned. Greedy people trying to win over the greedy record labels. If you think you're justified in being greedy, then Napster is good.

Tim: Do you think Mtv can kill a band?

Serge: Don't know, don't care. It's pretty far from where I am today.

Tim: Do you like "Behind The Music"?

Serge: Yeah, some of them are pretty funny.

Tim: What's the current line-up of the band?

Serge: Phil, Johnny, and I. We're gonna be looking for a guitarist when we start recording.

Tim: What was the last show you went to?

Serge: Tokyo.

Tim: Are you single or seeing someone?

Serge: I am single.

Tim: Any last words?

Serge: I'm still single.

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