Further Seems Forever
By Jonas Mattebo (he's from Sweden)

Further Seems Forever (photo by: R.J.
Further Seems Forever is 5 piece melodic rock band from the south florida area. The band is a joint effort from members of three bands; Shai hulud, Strongarm, and the Vacant Andy's. Decapolis's own Jonas had the chance to conduct the following interview via email (Jonas is from Sweden, it would have been one heck of an expensive phone call if he didn't do it the electronic way) with Chad Neptune the bass player for the band.

Jonas: How has the responce been for "From the 24th State"? Everyone I've talked to really likes it (well, almost everyone).

Chad: The responce has been overwhelming. We have 3 songs out and we got signed to Tooth and Nail and we are going on a long tour.

Jonas: I hear you will be releasing your full-length around new years? Why is it taking so long?

Chad: It is a longer story. Basically we were trying to work with a producer that we wanted and it was hard to get time scheduled that would work for us both.

Jonas: Will you be heading in any new direction with this next album?

Chad: No, I think we are still finding our sound. Being that this is our first album we are only heading in one direction.

Jonas: How do you describe your music?

Chad: Melodic and driving.

Jonas: Are you happy with your Tooth and Nail contract?

Chad: Yes we are very happy.

Jonas: Are you afraid this contract will limit your band to the "Christian scene" in America?

Chad: No, because Tooth and Nail gets great distro though some really big places. We are happy to be apart of both communities.

Jonas: I'm not sure how involved you are in this but what is the christian music scene like in America?

Chad: It is constantly growing and taking on new directions.

Further Seems Forever (photo by: Nick Carrabba)
Jonas: How are you percieved by christian kids and how are you percieved by non-christian kids? Any major difference there?

Chad: No not really. I think a lot of stereotypes have been broken by Christians. I also think that the crowd we are playing to now is more about the music and not the whole clique thing.

Jonas: Do you have a goal as a band and in that case, what are they?

Chad: We want to make playing music as our carreer.

Jonas: How come you changed from being tough hardcore guys to being more sensitive and soft (as far as music goes anyway)?

Chad: Well we kind of got bored playing hardcore. We are musicians who were stuck playing one style of music so now we want to play what ever we feel like playing.

Jonas: Do you get many hXc-kids accusing you of "selling out"? If so what do you say to them?

Chad: No not really. If we were to keep the name Strongarm then they may have thought that. We love what Strongarm has done and wanted to leave it alone.

Jonas: Are you emo? (interpret and answer as you like)

Chad: Well some people say we are but that is limiting your music by labeling it. By Strongarm being a hardcore band that limited us to playing hardcore. So we just consider ourselves a band who plays what it likes.

Jonas: Ok lets move on to other stuff. Your songs are very intricate and well-crafted. How do you approach songwriting?

Chad: Well it is a very hard process for us. We have ideas then each of us adds there little bit into it. Then we end up changing things we don't like later down the road. But it is getting easier.

Jonas: What about influences? Could you name some bands that has been influential musically or spiritually or that has had an impact on you in other ways?

Chad: We aren't really influenced by any one band. We like what we like. Each of us is influenced by different things and I think that is what makes our sound.

Jonas: What bands do you personally like to listen to?

Chad: Well I really like Jawbox, Fugazi, Sunny Day Realestate, Pink Floyd, Led Zepplin, No Knife, Jimmy Eat World, Beatles, Crosby Stills Nash & Young, Sense Field, and Weezer.

Jonas: What artists/bands do you have respect for as far as musical skills, artistic integrity or spiritual integrity goes?

Chad: Musical skill would be Pink Floyd, artistic integrity would be Fugazi, and spiritual integrity would be P.O.D.

Jonas: What's the coolest/best band you've played with?

Chad: Sense Field, they were awsome.

Jonas: Is Further Seems Forever a full time job? If no, would you like it to be?

Chad: It will be soon.

Jonas: Why do you play the music you play?

Chad: Because we like it.

Jonas: Do you know what guitars/amps/pedals josh and nick used to get that great guitar sound on your split ep?

Chad: Marshall with a PRS guitar, and Fender Strat.

Jonas: What do you know about swedish music?

Chad: Not Much

Jonas: Are you coming to sweden sometime in the future? Europe perhaps?

Chad: I sure hope so.

Jonas: What is wrong with your drummer? Is he a maniac? He plays like he's going crazy all the time (in a good way).

Chad: Yes he is a maniac. You should see him live. It is very interesting.


Further Seems Forever

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