Fleming and John

John is the guy without the crazy hair.
Fleming and John are on tour supporting their second full length album. I happen to have a friend who happens to have an uncle...and that uncle happens to be John Painter. I've had that opportunity to meet and talk with these wonderful people so I wanted to put an interview on decapolis.com in hopes that we could capture their personalities...but that's not really possible on paper...so lets just say were giving you a hint of how they feel.

Whats it like being Christians in the general market?

It is the same as working in any business environment...you just make an effort to surround yourself with good people.

Did you enjoy working with Ben Folds on his new album?

It was kind of high pressure...I was in a room next to the studio writing string and horn arrangements while the band was recording. But the quality of Ben's music is so high that it makes ideas happen a lot easier!

Do you ever receive any criticism for working with non- Christians?

Probably...I wouldn't lose any sleep over it. Anyone who would do that would probably be coming from a misinformed point of view. However there are DEFINATELY limits to who we would want to work with.

What are your plans for the near future? any touring? any producing?

We're kind of going everywhere right now...We want to write new songs, but we are having radio success with our current single "Ugly Girl", so we'll do that for a while. My nephew has an album coming out on Hollywood Records this Fall (Rich Creamy Paint) that I produced.

Did the recent record label mergers effect you?

Probably, but most of the people we work with directly are still there.

When did you start shopping your music to major record labels? and how?

We did some demos back in '91 and had continuous "interest". We got a publishing deal with EMI pretty quickly. After a while we got tired of negotiating, and we just made our own album. REX (an indie label in Nashville) agreed to put it out for us, and we got some airplay on a few influential radio stations. Universal just heard us on the radio.

Whats it like living in the country music capital of the world?

It just means we have lots of Billboards around town for Country Music artists...But the concentration of Music Business in Nashville provides us with good music stores and recording studios as well as lots of good musicians (that don't play country!)

There is also a gripes section on the music page...feel free to write and talk about anything that bugs you involving music.

GRIPES! The thing that is the most irritating in the Music Biz is the way Record and Radio people underestimate the audience...and of course the way the audience then turns around and proves them right!

by Tim: Decapolis Music Editor

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