Five Iron Frenzy

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Five Iron Frenzy is a ska/punk band. They are very silly. This interview is with Keith, the bassist.

Q: What are the Goals of Five Iron? What do you guys want to see accomplished through your band?

1) To serve our God. To love God and the people we meet.

This is our goal as individuals, it becomes a goal of the band because it is a goal we all have in our individual life. This goal should permeate every aspect of our lives. Some days I do this OK, some days I don't.

2) To write good songs and record them and play them well.
3) To have fun.

That's about it

Q: How do you feel about the Christian Music industry? Do you feel the "fringe" bands are discriminated against or miss opportunities other "mainstream" Christian bands would be given?

The main problem I have with "Christian music" (right now, it changes alot) is how some fans and even some press encourage bands to 'evangelize' but only want the band to play in front of Christians. Christians need to not be offended when a "Christian band" gets a chance to play for people who are not Christians. Preaching to the choir is not effective. Also, don't misunderstand, I think there is tons of ministry to be done at both "Christian" and "non-Christian" concerts. God puts different people in different places at different times, who are we to say they should not be there.

As far as the "fringe" Christian artists vs. "Mainstream" Christian artists. I think that fringe bands will not be offered the same things as the mainstream bands because the intended audience is different. I don't think that is discrimination, just a fact of life. If you appeal to the masses, you will be offered more and better stuff than if you only appeal to a small percentage of the record buying public.

On a personal note, Steven Curtis Chapman, who is a "mainstream" Christian artist once brought his kids to a FIF show and watched the whole thing. I guess his kids like us. After the show he came and said 'nice show' to each one of us. It was really cool to see that he understands that even though we sound different, and play for different audiences in different kinds of places, we are trying to accomplish many of the same things.

Q: How do you like 5 Minute Walk?

Yes, It is an indie with major label distribution. This means we can pretty much do anything we want artistically and don't really have to worry about writing a "radio single" or having a sexy picture of us on the cover (it would be hard to have a sexy picture of this band). We can make records the way we like, but you can still find them in most stores. Also, their whole goal is just to help bands show kids the love of God, which is one of our goals too.

Q: What's this I hear about 5 iron having a side project? Can we expect an album?

Ummm, Well, Reese has been writing songs for a long time for a side project. There will be an album. Dennis and myself also play in that band. The band was called 'Astronaut' but there is already a band called that, so now we need a new name. We are kicking around "Brave Saint Saturn," but that isn't for sure yet. It sounds NOTHING like FIF. Also, Andrew has a hardcore/punk side project, and Dennis is working on a praise and worship side project, but I don't think either one of those have names yet.

Q: From what bands do you gather musical inspiration?

Avail, Mike Knott/LSU/Aunt Bettys/Lifesavors, U2, Oingo Boingo, The Police, Sepultura, Vengeance Rising, Believer, The Crucified, MoRTAL, the Altar Boys, Slapstick, The Pietasters, Less Than Jake, NoFX, Rancid, Green Day, Letters To Cleo, Jimmy Eat World, The Go-Go's, Face To Face, Fountains of Wayne, REM, Nirvana, NIN, Nerf Herder, Sixpence, Rocket from The Crypt, Elvis Costello, Joe Jackson, MxPx, Diana Ross, The Choir, The Clash, The Ramones

I could keep going, but I'm sure everyone is bored of the name game.

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I like Pad Thai alot.

by Rob: News Editor

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