Element 101
By Joe Orville Lidskan

First off, introduce yourselves. What are all of your names, How old are you, and what do you play?

Element is...Crissie...vocals...(19) Danny...guitar...(21) Chris...guitar...(19) Sal...bass...(18) Nick...drums...(18)

How long have you been together?

We have been together for 2 and a half years...

What kind of music do you play, how would you describe the style, for those who have not heard your music?

We play rock'n'roll with punk influences, fronted by pop-girl vocals...

What are your main musical influences, other bands?

Some of the main influeneces on Element are...All/Descendents, MxPx, Face to Face, Ramones, Lagwagon, Elvis Costello, Blondie, The Go-go's, Weston, and of course the oldies...

I understand you worked with Mike Herrera on your latest release, what sort of help did he give you?

Mike Herrera was a huge help on our album. He has such a great mind for the studio and that shows in the many ideas and suggestions he made. He worked very hard with crissie to improve her melodies and her vocal ideas. Neil

Hundt (yuri's drum tech) was the drum tech on our album and he worked so hard on the getting the drums sounding good...together they were a great team and really made our album sound great.

Is he a good guy to work with?

Mike was a amazing guy to work with. He is an awesome person. He was so encouraging and supportive of us. Don't listen to any of the rumors about him or his band...He's a great guy and has helped us out so much. We would love to work with him again on our future projects.

What do you know about Rock City Recording, is it your label?

Rock City Recordings is Mike's label along with the guys from Mxpx. their manager is also involed with the label. The Arthur ep (loneliness is bliss) was their first release, it's a great album!!! Rock City is distributing the album for us.

What would you say the focus of your band is?

The focus of Element is to write the best music we possibly can...and to be real and positive with kids and let them know that God cares for them...

Would you say you have been successful at sticking to that focus thus far?

Yeah i think we have stuck to that focus pretty well this far.

What keeps you spiritually going, as a band, what drives you?

What keeps us spiritually going as a band is going to the church we go to, doing bible studies together, being able to just hang out with each other and have fun and just being there for each other, showing love and compassion.

What would you tell me if I was an unsaved kid who wanted to ask you about God at one of your shows?

I would tell you that God loves you and desires for you to know him and trust him. God has such a plan for everyone's life and he wants you to trust him and let him help you through everything in life, good and bad. being close to God is just like having a best friend who understands everything about you because he made you, so you know that when your friends can't understand he can. I would give you a bible and show you what to read and how to learn more about God.

What do you think of the general Christian Music Scene, healthy or hurting?

I would say that there is room for improvement (as with anything)...I think that as christians we have such a high responsibility to put out truly good music, because we have the Creator of the universe to inspire us. Unfortunately I don't think it always adds up to that. Sometimes I think we sacrifice the quality of the music for the content when in fact the quality is just as important.

Do you have any advice for new bands that want to be as cool as you?

We're not cool....the only advice we could give is to practice hard and never give up because the sky is the limit.

What kinda stuff do you like on TV?

vh-1 behind the scenes/ rockumentaries, nick at nite, the x-files, animal planet.

Do any of you watch Dawson's Creek?

No we dont watch dawson's creek, sorry.

You are playing Purple Door this year, are you not?

Yes, we are playing purple door this year.

Where can people find out more about you guys, or order cd's, find tour dates, etc?

Our web site has a lot of info on it www.element-nj.com Email-element316@aol.com Our address is p.o. box 133, cedar grove, nj 07009 or our voice mail is (973) 338-9543

Do you have anything else that you wanna tell the kids of decapolis?

Thanx for reading this and we hope to see you guys sometime.

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