Denison Marrs
Eric Collins

Interview by: Brett Miotti
Florida's Denison Marrs have been creating quite the stir. In addition to their split EP with Stavesacre, the band has released their impressive second full length "World Reknown for Romance" and gone on tour of a few summer festivals with Stavesacre, including a stellar performance at this year's Cornerstone Festival. Some time ago I was able to email a few questions to frontman Eric Collins. Read on about the joys of recording rock music and how the band uses delivering pizzas to their advantage.

Brett: There was quite the buzz around your Cornerstone performance, how do you feel about that?

Eric: It was flattering, exciting, and a little intimidating all at the same time. We had a really great time!

Brett: You guys just released your second full length, tell me about that(recording process, songs, etc...).

Eric: Our new full length is named, "World Renown for Romance". We recorded it with Matt Goldman in his studio, "Glow In The Dark", in Atlanta, Ga. We were able to take 3 1/2 weeks on it, which was great. We were able to experiment, and really take our time and do the things we've always wanted to do. Plus, Matt was awesome to work with, and actually took on a "producer" type roll..., which was very helpful, because he would think of things that we were overlooking. It was a wonderful experience, and we would probably live in his studio and make noise constantly if he would let us.

Brett: Velvet Blue has released "World Reknown for Romance", is Denison Marrs now a "Velvet Blue Band" or are you actively seeking another label?

Eric: We aren't under contractual obligations to VBM if that's what you're asking, but we love VBM and love working with them...and even if we ever did decide to work with other labels...we'd try to continue to release special collections through VBM.

Brett: You guys all love eighties music, tell me some of your favorite bands from the eighties.

Eric: The Cure, Depeche Mode, Information Society, Flock of Seagulls. We're definitely into 80's pop music rather than rock and metal.

Brett: In fact aren't you going to be trying to release an "80's covers" EP?

Eric: We've been talking about it for some time now. We'd like to do a 5 or 6 song EP...complete with 80's artwork and photos. Money, of course, is always an opposing factor to our plans.

Brett: What are the future plans for Denison Marrs?

Eric: Tour, tour, and tour...we've been blessed to have been given the opportunity to tour with Stavesacre again in July. We're planning on touring again with other friends of ours in September, and once again before Christmas. After that...probably some more touring.

Brett: What is touring with Stavesacre like?

Eric: We got to tour with them in 1999 for a whole month all over the U.S., and it was too much fun. At first we were very, very intimidated and shy...but then they told us to, of course, we listened. Because they're kind of big guys and they wear all black. In all seriousness, they are really a bunch of great guys, and to be able to call them friends is an extreme honor and privilege.

Brett: What is your favorite place to eat on tour?

Eric: You know...we're usually so on the go that we mostly get to eat at gas stations and convenience stores. I think my usual meal is grape juice and animal crackers. As far as a restaurant though. I would've said the Foxfire in MN, but it closed down. So I think I'll say, EATS in Atlanta (the spinach tortellini with Alfredo sauce is sooooo good!)

Brett: Favorite cities to play?

Eric: hmmm...OKC always treats us nicely and so does Dallas. But Orlando is the best (but we do have homecourt advantage).

Brett: How did the idea for the split EP come about?

Eric: Dirk, from Stavesacre called us in September last year. Told us the idea and asked if we'd like to do it. He obviously had to twist our arm quite a bit, but we finally agreed.

Brett: Are you pretty happy with the turn out of the songs?

Eric: Yeah. 2 of our songs on the EP are from the our new full length CD (just a little different), and the 3rd is an unreleased song. I think they paint a pretty good picture of what we sound like.

Brett: Who did you record with?

Eric: We recorded the EP songs with Terry Platt and Tommy Platt at their house studio in New Port Richey, Florida.

Brett: What do you think of the Stavesacre songs on the disc? (favorite song?)

Eric: The Stavesacre songs are definitely rocking. Sad Parade is my favorite out of the 3.

Brett: Who would win in a fight? Stavesacre or Denison Marrs?

Eric: Stavesacre, and then we'd sue.

Brett: What's one thing a lot of people don't know about Denison Marrs?

Eric: That we're all actually very wealthy...we only deliver pizzas to keep up the rock star image.

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