Boot to Head
By Tom Bastian

Boot to Head
When did you start the label?

I Started Boot to Head with Greg Dimick (Crux) in 1993.

How long ago?

Its been like 6 years now, thats crazy, it seems like yesterday that we decided to do it all. Its gone by fast, and has been fun

What bands do you have?

Right now, the only active band on Boot to Head is CeaseFire (who are about to go to Solid State). Shorthanded just went to tooth and nail, so they're not really a boot band anymore. As far as bands we've done releases with.....

Blaster the Rocketboy (2 releases)
Crux (2 Releases)
Chasm (2 releases)
Shorthanded (3 releases)
CeaseFire (2 releases)
Through and Through
Special Guest
Scum of the Earth
Yum Yum Children

and 4+ compilations with tons of bands!!!

What market are you trying to sell to and state any other stuff youd like to state.

I'm interested in selling to anyone. However you will not see boot to head stuff in CCM stores (unless they specifically ordered it cause they had someone who asked for it). I do not want nor have I ever saught after CCM distribution, I don't want it. I think the segregation of music into religious/ political/ class, etc. etc. et.c is stupid. Music is music and should all be in the same place. Thus the general market is where we seek sales.

I noticed you in MRR's book your own life....are you more interested in the general market? Who does distro for you?

Most definately!!! I do most the distro myself at the moment, however I will have a few releases available through NAIL soon, and hopefully will have most available through ROTZ soon. Also a bunch of other small distros and mailorders carry the stuff, as well as some stores.

Give one explaination for Boot to Head?

Its a punk rock and hardcore (mainly) record label outta portland oregon. We just want to put out quality records from bands we agree with. We seek to make a positive effect on our society and world. We just want to put out good records that rock you.

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