Behind It All
A Series of Interviews Aimed at Taking You Inside the Operation of Some of the Scenes Top Independent Record Labels

Interviews by Nate Bailey
Those who run independent record labels are the most committed to the underground/independent music scene. Big fans themselves, label owners put it all on the line, risking lots of their own money for bands they feel are worth the risk. More often then not, they won't get their money back, but for them it's more about supporting the scene and getting the music out to the listeners. Label owners and employees often cram in their time working with the label around other jobs, committing all their extra time to the cause.

A high percentage of the independent record labels are run by people that are either in bands or at one point have been in a band. This allows them to relate to those on their label unlike the corporate conglomerates.

All the labels I interviewed all know what it's like to invest a lot of money and time because they believe in the music. From locations all over the country, Vagrant Records, Crank! Records, Burnt Toast Vinyl, The Militia Group, Facedown Records, Takehold Records, Velvet Blue Music, and Pluto Records are working hard to bring you all different types of music that they feel passionate about.

Hopefully through these interviews, you will begin to understand that the people behind the labels are just like you and me, enthusiastic kids who love music. Be sure to check out the labels websites and help support what they are doing by either dropping an email of appreciation or picking up a couple of CDs, shirts, and/or stickers.

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Behind It All
Check out the latest interviews from some of todays top indie labels. The latest interviews are with the owners of Vagrant Records and Crank! Records.

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