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By Luke Harlow

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The Anniversary is currently on the Heroes&Villans/Vagrant Rock Extravaganza supporting The Get Up Kids. I caught up with Josh, who plays guitar and shares vocal duties, after their show at the 328 Performance Hall in Nashville, TN on September 2, 2000. Their on-stage tricks and developed sound make them one of the most promising indie rock acts on the market.

Luke: What is your band's history?

Josh: We'll have been together three years this October, and we have the full-length "Designing a Nervous Breakdown" that came out on Vagrant this past January. That's about it. We've had the same members the whole time and everything.

Luke: Are any of your members in college or graduates?

Josh: The drummer, Chris, and the bass player, Jim, both graduated from college. Adrianne is working on it through touring, and I was done with school once I graduated high school. I don't recommend going to college. I'm just not into school. I enrolled for a week, and then I was done going to class. It was a thing where I was in an English class, and the teacher told us there was going to be a lot of stuff involved where we would have to stand in front of the class. So I said see you later.

Luke: You are from Kansas, has that been your home the whole time?

Josh: Adrianne and I lived in Kansas City for a while, but we've lived in Lawrence for four years now. It is a really cool place to live; it is not what you would think.

Luke: So you're not from some flat town, with prairie dogs running around?

Josh: Lawrence, KS is pretty much a college town. Kansas University is there and I'd say we have a pretty good history of music. Vitreous Humor, Butter Glory, they're from out of there.

Luke: What are the band's influences?

Josh: Vitreous Humor is a big influence. Anything from Mission of Burma to the Beatles, but every band says the Beatles, so it is kind of lame to say that. Ramones, Talking Heads, that kind of late 70's scene is cool. Bernard Hermann, Judy Garland, those are my influences, in a way. Motley Crue. Seriously, I'm not joking. That is where we get the ideas for some of our theatrics.

Luke: Speaking of which, you are definitely all about theatrics. You have everything from showering confetti to sparkling shower pyrotechnics on stage. Where did you get the idea for all that stuff?

Josh: We have this total metal intro. It is seriously from Motley Crue and Ozzy Osbourne and Queen. When you go see a Motley Crue show or Poison, or bands like that, you are not let down. It is so awesome, just with the theatrics and stuff like that. No indie rock bands do that because they're too cool for it, or they think it's cheesy. Who cares? It is cheesy, but it's fun. We just want to have fun. We want to make the best of it while we're playing in front of 300 to 2,000 kids.

Luke: You are on tour with the Get Up Kids, so it seems like you might get bigger numbers out to see you because of it. How do you think response will be to your band?

Rob: When we go on tour, we usually do 18+ shows. That is just us, The Anniversary, when we are by ourselves. But, whatever, if younger kids come to see us, that's cool. It is better to be listening to The Get Up Kids than Britney Spears, I guess. As far as response, how do you judge that? Merchandise? I judge it by the crowd response. I think it will be good. Tonight was a little rough. We got home last night at 3 a.m., and since it is about an 11-hour drive, we planned on being on the road at 6 a.m. I went to bed at 5, woke up at 5:30, and drove most of the day. We ended up making a wrong turn somewhere; so actually, we didn't really leave until about 11. We got here late, loaded in our stuff, got on the stage and played. I'm pretty much running on empty. I was shaking at the end of our set because I hadn't had water or anything. I'm just kind of dead. But, I think the crowds will be good. The confetti and stuff warms them up.

Luke: How long do you see yourself playing rock n' roll?

Josh: For a while, hopefully. We have a couple of upcoming releases. There is a split with a band called Hot Rod Circuit, they are a really good band, and it is going to be out on Vagrant. Then we have a Sub Pop single coming out. You have to join the Sub Pop club to get it, and it will be out in December. We also have a nine-minute song coming out on the Vagrant sampler that is due out in September or mid October.

Luke: So are you shopping yourselves around? What is the deal with Sub Pop?

Josh: We're just doing that as a one-time thing. Those people are really awesome, and they dig us, I guess. It's cool to do stuff with Sub Pop because it is such a historic label. It is exciting for me, and everyone in the band.

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