Walls Of Jericho - All Hail The Dead
by Chaz_Murphy; 04.02.04

Artist: Walls Of Jericho
Album: All Hail The Dead
Label: Trustkill
Tracks: 9
Reviewed By: Chaz
I am sitting here wondering how I can describe this album to you, the reader, and there is only one word that comes to mind...AMAZING! It has been over three years since Walls Of Jericho’s first release “The Bound Feed The Gagged”. They have been constantly touring and thriving off of the road and their fans and they have struck back hard with their second release from Trustkill, “All Hail The Dead”. With female fronted vocal’s, Walls Of Jericho keeps pace with the evolution of hardcore but still keeps their very own style intact. They have the perfect blend of metal and hardcore to make of one the best metal influenced hardcore records I have ever heard. This album is filled with brutal mosh parts, amazing metal riffs and the perfect sound for vocals. One problem that I find with many hardcore/metalcore albums is that they become very repetitive and boring after a while. WOJ does a great job with staying away from that. Each song has it’s own unique sound and style. From the split vocals of female singing and screaming and the crew sing along in “Revival Never Goes Out Of Style” to the instrumental song “To Be Continued...” this band is forging new ground and I hope they don’t stop. This album will put a smile on the faces of fans of bands of everything from Thursday to Messugah.

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