The Funeral Diner - The Wicked
by Chaz_Murphy; 09.28.04

Artist: Funeral Diner
Album: The Wicked
Label: Alone
Tracks: 4
Reviewed By: Chaz

Let me first state that this would have also been a four star album but it is only an EP and I really dislike EP's. The Funeral Diner's newest release, "The Wicked", is a re-release that was originally put out in 2002 on Sorry Records but has been out of print for some time now so Alone Records did the right thing an re-released it. The Funeral Diner is a perfect mix of influences ranging from Godspeed You! Black Emperor and Indian Summer. The first track "...and the Beast Shall be Made Legion" sounds like it came from the Glen Danzig album "Black Aria". It sets the tone for the rest of album but not they style. It's not as dark as the first track makes it out to be. You will see various influences in this album but mainly stick to the styles of GY!BE and Indian Summer. It's a very explosive emo album with adventures into places that a regular emo band wouldn't take but since when has real emo ever been regular? Although this is a re-release, The Funeral Diner isn't done. They will be coming out with a new release soon also on Alone Records.

This album marks the third straight amazing release from Alone Records. Funeral Diner, The Shivering and The Saddest Landscape's current releases are probably the best trio of albums that I've seen a record label release in such a short period of time. All these albums were so good that I went out and found most of these three bands previous recordings on vinyl. Rock On Guys, Rock On Alone!

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