Nate Bailey
by Nate_Bailey; 06.13.05

 Name: Nathan Bailey   

Age: 25

Hometown: Souderton, PA

Education: BS. - York College of PA, M.A. - Gordon-Conwell Theo. Seminary

Job: worker

Music "Scene" Background: Hosted my own radio show in college for 3 years (The Steamboat Willy Show), co-owned a CD Distro (Zang Dist.), put on shows, done promo work for bands, toured as a roadie/merch guy, written for Decapolis for several years and wrote for Glam Rocker’s Diary.

Interests Outside of Music/Decapolis: I like to read, watch movies, ride my bike (bmx), travel.

Favorite Bands: The Choir, Ramones, Mineral, Strongarm, Lifetime, All/Descendents, Face to Face, No Innocent Victim, One:21, Elliott, Sunny Day Real Estate, Grade, Further Seems Forever, Minor Threat, Kid Dynamite, Poor Old Lu, Deliverance, Social Distortion, Appleseed Cast, U2, Slick Shoes, Ensign, No Motiv, Strung Out, Gorilla Biscuits, Narcissus, Commercials, Kavanah Star, Huntingtons, Texas is the Reason, Snapcase, ACDC, Cranberries, Gloria Record, Goo Goo Dolls, Hum, Shockwave, Jimmy Eat World, Darkest Hour, In Flames

Favorite Albums: Strongarm-Advent of a Miracle, Mineral-End Serenading, Further Seems Forever-The Moon is Down, The Choir-Circle Slide, Beach Boys-Endless Summer, AC/DC-Back in Black, U2-Actung Baby, Cranberries-No Need to Argue, Toad the Wet Sprocket- Fear, Deliverance-Weapons of Our Warfare

Bands I’d Like To Be In: Tonga Room Death Incident

City I See the Most Shows In: southeastern pa 

Favorite TV Shows: Wonder Years, Due South, Cosby, Seinfeld, Simpson’s, and Honeymooners

Favorite Movies: Remains of the Day, Ordinary People, Avalon, Lucas and many more

Favorite Zine: (online and/or print): MRR, Punk Planet, Glam Rocker’s Diary, CMJ

Email Address:

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