Matt Sherwood Named 'Nation's Most Completely Irresistible Face"
by Julia_Zulia; 08.18.04

Strike Anywhere's Matt Sherwood Named the Nation's Most "COMPLETELY IRRESISTIBLE FACE" By Anna Kournikova.

BOSTON, August 10, 2004 -

Sherwood, fresh off a tour in support of this years, Exit English (JT1087), was entered on a lark into the competition by his girlfriend Aran. Little did she know that out of an amazing 1,200 applicants Sherwood would be hand selected to win the grand prize worth a total of $25,000.

Kournikova presented Sherwood with a complete electronics prize package, including an HDTV plasma display, surround-sound system, integrated DVD recorder and digital video camera. In addition, Sherwood will fly to a photo shoot later this year for the chance to appear in an upcoming Gillette Complete Skincare television commercial. "It was a thrill to kick off the search in New York and to surprise the winner," said Kournikova. "Matthew is truly irresistible-looking and it was fun to tell him so!" Sherwood was chosen by Gillette's panel of judges based on two criteria - the overall healthy appearance of his skin and his overall appeal.

"I didn't realize Aran had entered me until I received a call saying that I was a finalist," said Sherwood. "I never thought of myself as irresistible - so this is pretty cool!" As for Sherwood's take on the surprise visit by Kournikova, he said, "Opening the door to see Anna was unbelievable enough.... and then, I found out that I won, which made the whole experience even more incredible. This has been amazing."

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