Hawthorne Heights - Silence in Black and White
by Staff; 06.26.04

Artist: Hawthorne Heights
Album: Silence in Black and White
Label: Victory Records
Tracks: 11
Length: 43:00
Review by: Derek Skillings

Hawthorne Heights is riding a wave of hype on their way to their first release, stemming from live shows touring with Silverstein, Emery, and Alexisonfire. This five-piece group of youngsters, three of which play guitar, is sure to please the crowd with their dual vocalists; one screams, one sings. They are the epitome of screamo. Battle lines will be drawn. One side will cite how catchy the album is, and how well produced it is; they are the distillation of screamo. Others will immediately dislike these guys; the vocals and music are very emo, the songs catchy but not extremely creative.

They add nothing new, everything on this album has been heard so many times before, but on the other hand they do it so well. 

The music is your standard emo fare though filled out with three guitars. The majority of the vocals are sung, though they do alternate with screaming and gang vocals. The first track, "Life on Sunday" lets you know right away what you are getting with the album with dual vocals right off the bat. The song is incredibly catchy. "The Transition" is possibly the best on the album, they are at the top of their game here. The Silence and Black and White closes out with "Speeding Up the Octaves". It is their token song with a string and piano intro and close. You know to show that these boys can outside boundaries and use different instruments like a piano in their songs.

They do not hold back with the clichés. Although Hawthorne Heights do not add anything new to the very popular screamo scene, they do what they do very well. If you are already a screamo fan, this is pretty much a must have. If not then this would not be a bad addition, although you could probably go down to your local high school parking lot after school and ask one kids wearing a trucker hat if you can borrow it, because they will all have it.

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