Consider Each Other How to Stir Up Love

09 Apr, 2017

What did the most interesting man in the world (that's Jesus) say about how to love others?  John Piper explains how to stir up some L-O-V-E.

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The Name is Yahweh

08 Apr, 2017

Loving God means understanding who He is and what His character is like. So the most basic question is, what is God's name? Jesse Johnson explains why getting God's name right helps us to love Him more.

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God’s Love Life

05 Apr, 2017

What is God's love life like?  And what does it have to do with our relationships? And what does love have to do (have to do) with it? Fortunately, a guy named Bruxy sets us straight.

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04 Apr, 2017

"Judge one another. Shame one another," said Jesus never.  Ray Ortlund highlights some 'one anothers' that are not "love one another" and reminds us how our relationships reveal to us what we really believe.

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Who Are ‘The Least of These’?

03 Apr, 2017

When Bible says, “as you did it to one of the least of these… you did it to me.” Are the “least of these” referring to the sick, the poor, residents of New Jersey?  This article from The Gospel Coalition gives us verses to help us.

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Three Approaches to Technology

30 Mar, 2017

Technology can be evil, like the Terminator, Megatron and the McAfee antivirus software that comes preinstalled on your computer. How should Christians view technology? How does it help or hinder us? Ligonier gives us some help.

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The Attraction of Reformed Theology

20 Mar, 2017

If you've ever wondered, "What's up with the attraction to Reformed Theology?", Kyle Borg gives a great answer.

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Wait … what do you mean by “God”?

13 Mar, 2017

When someone says that they don't believe in God, Tim Barnett reminds us to always ask: "What do you mean by "God"?"

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8 Rules for Growing in Godliness

05 Mar, 2017

How can we grow spiritually? Tim Challies has a new series on spiritual growth.

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