091. How Do I Deal with Arguments When I’m Right

03 Mar, 2013

We get in arguments all the time… who's fault it was that dinner wasn't prepared. What's the best way to get to Taco Bell. What set of inoculations do you need before eating at Taco Bell. What's the fastest route from Taco Bell to the hospital.

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090. How Do We Deal with Judgmentalism?

18 Feb, 2013

People are judgmental. Look, I know it looked bad. But there is a very good reason why I was wearing that dress.

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089. Why is it that I don’t seem to sin less the more I spiritually mature?

14 Feb, 2013

I've been thinking... I'm probably the best Christian I know. Now if that sounds weird, well, it should. Deep down there's an inherent contradiction by saying that.

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088. What Do I Do About My Doubt?

12 Feb, 2013

When Peter was walking on the water, he eventually lost focus on Christ and focused on the wind and the waves, then started to sink. This is a great analogy for our own lives. Our waves are, "How am I supposed to pay off my financial debt," "How am...

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087. How Can I Maximize My Talents?

06 Feb, 2013

You know that parable of the talents? To paraphrase, a master gave one servant $5,000, another $2,000 and another $1,000 to invest while he went away. The first two guys doubled the money and the last one didn't do nothing and just handed back the money back...

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086. What Good Are My Past Mistakes?

24 Jan, 2013

There's another aspect of Romans 8:28 that I wanted to hit on. When God says, "And we know that in all things God works for the good of those who love him," this also includes our own sins - our own mistakes. Like eating at Taco Bell.

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073. Resolutions (Part 4): What Prevents us from Accomplishing our Goals?

22 Jan, 2013

There's so much to getting new resolutions in place and actually moving. I wish it was easier because I have so many resolutions that are sitting around that remain unfinished. Exercise regularly, get financially organized and at least attain the grammar of a third grader.

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072. Resolutions (Part 3): What Makes a Successful Resolution?

16 Jan, 2013

New Year’s Resolutions really are goals. But not all goals are created equal. Goals need certain elements to be successful. For example there’s a big difference between the financial goals: “I want to eliminate my credit card debt this year” versus “I want to be as rich as a...

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075. What is Unexpected About Christmas?

25 Dec, 2012

There's something really unexpected in Christmas. And by unexpected I don't mean opening a present and getting cigarettes and lottery tickets.

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085. Why Did God Make Me Like This?

10 Dec, 2012

Many times we ask ourselves why God dealt us the hand we were given. Mainly because we would rather have been dealt a better hand, with more talent, better looks, or in my case, some understanding of grammar.

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084. Marriage/Dating: How Do I Make a Relationship Better?

27 Nov, 2012

Just because God picked someone out for you and you found that person doesn't mean that your relationship is automatically going to be awesome. It takes work, dedication and separate bank accounts.

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083. Marriage/Dating: What Do I Do When We Get Into a Fight?

18 Nov, 2012

Something that all couples deal with are fights. Unless you're me that uses ninja skills to sneak away.

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082. Why Did God Create Marriage / How Do We Put God First in our Marriage?

16 Nov, 2012

Marriage is so trivialized in our culture. No one really seems to value it anymore. Much like VHS tapes or John Travolta.

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081. What Do I Do When Things Are Out of My Control? (Part 2): Does God’s Control Make our Actions Useless?

12 Nov, 2012

At first glance, it might be hard to mix the concepts of God's ultimate control, our responsibility and real consequences together. Kinda like what I saw at Costco yesterday - a "great tasting vegetarian burrito". It's like someone took the three opposing concepts and combined them into...

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080. What Do I Do When Things Are Out of My Control?

29 Oct, 2012

I don't know if you've noticed by we're not the gods of universe. And contrary to what you might think, I'm not in control either. I know, hard to believe that someone so handsome and intelligent isn't in control, but I'm not.

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069. How Do I Juggle the Different Parts of Life?

10 Oct, 2012

We often think of our lives our lives like a juggler. We juggle work, family, church, soccer practice, lawn care, recreation. And hopefully you're not actually juggling being a juggler in all of that because that might get a little dorky.

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068. What Do I Do In a No-win Situation?

04 Oct, 2012

Sometimes we get placed in no-win situations. You want to go to church but know your kids will throw a fit and sin when you wake them up early. Or you can't pay for both credit card balances that month. Or it's 3 AM and you need...

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067. How Do I Love a Sinner Without Condoning the Sin?

28 Sep, 2012

Sometimes we get a little confused with being all loving and trying to be non-judgemental. As if loving someone means to be all supportive of them as they live an openly sinful lifestyle like living in rebellion or eating at Taco Bell.

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066. What Can I Do I About My Weaknesses?

20 Sep, 2012

As Christians we need to understand our weaknesses. There are certain situations arise where there is almost an uncontrollable urge to sin. Like when a James Taylor song comes on the car radio - I suddenly feel the urge to jam on the accelerator and crash my...

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065. Finding God in a Sink

14 Sep, 2012

A bit ago I was trying to replace a sink and vanity at a townhouse my wife and I were trying to sell. Oh, that’s easy you say, just buy the parts and replace the old sink and vanity with the new ones. Yes, it would be...

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062. How Can I Grow Closer to God in the Car (Part III)

10 Sep, 2012

As if things couldn't get worse on the road – now I see people texting while driving. It's bad enough when you drive while talking on the cell phone, you're still actually looking at the road. But texting? I mean you take both hands...

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061. How Can I Grow Closer to God in the Car? (Part II)

07 Sep, 2012

Since our last talk, I've been doing a lot of growing in the car. Mainly because other people keep trying to crash their cars into me.

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060. How Can I Grow Closer to God In the Car?

31 Aug, 2012

If there's one place everyday that your faith is tested, it's on the road. A car is a huge weapon and they'll give a drivers license to just about anyone – teenagers, criminals and even women.

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059. How Can We Spot Our Own Foolishness?

28 Aug, 2012

I've been talking a bit about learning from previous mistakes and the mistakes of others. The Bible has verse for us if we don't learn from our mistakes, "As a dog returns to its vomit, so a fool repeats his folly" (Prov 26:11). Or a modern version...

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058. Where Do I Start to Gain Discipline?

27 Aug, 2012

Discipline is one of those things that's hard to find. It's like that famous ancient parable, "There once was a fox and a chicken. They were both so lazy... that they died."

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