031. Relationships: Why Are Relationships So Difficult?

15 Feb, 2016

No matter how much we like someone, relationships become difficult at times - especially with the people closest to us. Especially if they insist on eating at Taco Bell.

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071. New Year’s Resolutions (Part 2): What Resolutions Should I Have?

25 Jan, 2016

Last time we talked about New Year Resolutions really were about what you love. So my list looked really stupid... "#1. Eat bacon everyday. #2. Learn new recipes for bacon, #3. Thank God daily for bacon."

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070. New Year’s Resolutions (Part 1): What’s the Right Reason to Start?

11 Jan, 2016

Since the earth is in the same position than it was last year relative to the sun, we should get moving on things that we should be doing anyways, like exercise, get out of debt, or win the lottery.

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030. Relationships: People Are Disappointing, So What Do We Do?

21 Dec, 2015

I’ve said it before… ministry starts with relationships. And since people aren’t as perfect (or as humble) as I am, there’s a lot to consider.

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What is the Effect of Sin?

14 Dec, 2015

Sin screwed up a lot of stuff. But just what exactly did it do and what does it mean for us?

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Memory Verses

04 Mar, 2015

Here are some memory verses I personally like. Sanctification Verses Romans 8:28-29 28 And we know that for those who love God all things work together for good, for those who are called according to his purpose. 29 For those whom he foreknew he also predestined to be conformed to the...

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135. Why Do We Work?

26 Sep, 2014

A lot of times we don’t want to work, unless it’s something fun like gardening, music or cooking bacon.

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032. Relationships: What’s the Purpose of a Relationship?

04 Sep, 2014

If we are to have good relationships, we need to first understand the purpose of them. It would be like trying to try to understand how to have good bacon, without understanding its purpose. It is used for clothing? For hair styling? For skin care?...

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027. How Do I Fill Voids in My Life? Searching for Happiness?

11 Jul, 2014

We're always searching for that thing that'll make us happy. But when we attain it, we realize true happiness still eludes us. Like finally getting to the end of a mission, and instead of the saving a beautiful princess, you get an annoying, useless, know-it-all who I'm...

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026. Why Don’t Christians Spiritually Mature as they get Older?

04 Jul, 2014

On my birthday it had occurred to me that for some reason people assume that as you get older you also become a more mature Christian. But you obviously haven’t seen me wear my Star Trek uniform to church.

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025. Reverse Idols & How do I Deal with a Trial?

20 Jun, 2014

Some things are so hidden that you only find out about them when you are looking at something else. Like eating a cheeseburger to find out you don’t like pickles, or watching TV and finding you don’t like car insurance commercials, or watching Jersey Shore and finding out...

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024. How Do I Live By Faith? (Part 5: During little decisions, like if I should order a Big Mac)

13 Jun, 2014

How do we live by faith in the little decisions like what should I eat for lunch, or should I wear pants to work?

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023. How Do I Live By Faith? (Part 4: Our Heart)

16 May, 2014

With faith, when you miss the middle part, you pretty much feel empty. Kind of like missing the pages in between the covers of a book, or an edible entree between appetizer and dessert at Applebees.

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022. How Do I Live By Faith? (Part 3: When It’s Not Faith)

09 May, 2014

Sometimes because we’re missing one crucial piece, we have nothing. Like getting in your car but missing the key. Or having a job interview but missing your pants.

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021. How Do I Live By Faith? (Part 2)

02 May, 2014

There’s this fallacy that some believe where the less you know about something means the more faith you can have in it. Like it takes more faith that you'll enjoy a movie you've never heard of, or that you'll enjoy meat from Taco Bell.

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020. How Do I Live By Faith? (Part 1)

25 Apr, 2014

What does it mean when the Bible says, “if you have faith as small as a mustard seed… Nothing will be impossible for you," (Matt 17:20)? So if I have the faith larger than the size of a mustard seed that I would become a cyborg – it...

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019. What Does it Mean to ‘Wash One Another’s Feet’, and Why It’s Not Totally Gross.

18 Apr, 2014

“Whose Feet Do I Want to Wash?” is probably a question we don’t ask a whole lot. It kind of ranks up there with “Which one of my eyes do I want to poke with this stick?” or “Which Star Wars Prequel should I watch?”

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018. What’s So Wrong With the Phrase “Be True to Yourself”?

28 Mar, 2014

One of the most bogus phrases in movies and society is “Be true to yourself”. The other most bogus phrase is “delicious salad”.

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016. Pray for a Democrat/Republican, Exes, Enemies? Yeah, right.

14 Mar, 2014

It's really easy to get lost in politics. How often do we demonize people of the opposing party? Democrats want to kill babies. Republicans want to kill the poor. The Americans on the other side of the aisle aren't really even our enemies — that would be Iran, North...

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134. Why Do I Suffer? Reason #4: Position

14 Feb, 2014

Do you ever look back and notice you wouldn’t be in a better place if it weren’t for some bad past events? Walt Disney was fired as a newspaper editor. Nelson Mandela was imprisoned. And Luke Skywalker’s uncle and aunt were killed.

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133. Why Do I Suffer? (Reason #3, To Glorify God? Huh?)

07 Feb, 2014

Sometimes the cause of our suffering is consequences of actions by others or us. Just think about how much suffering was caused by Hitler, or Nero, or Voldemort.

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132. Why Do I Suffer? Reason #2

23 Jan, 2014

There are a few different reasons how our suffering can turn out for good. Sometimes it’s really hard to see it, especially if our suffering involves 'health foods'.

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076. True Meaning of Christmas? So What?

25 Dec, 2013

During this Christmas time it's easy to say, "let's remember the true meaning of Christmas." It's also easy to say, "I'm going to eat three pounds of pork rinds." But some things are easier said than done.

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131. Why Do I Suffer? (Part II)

20 Dec, 2013

Do you ever wonder what the whole point of all our hardships is? Why do we have health issues? Why do we struggle financially? Why did they make Indiana Jones 4?

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130. Why Do I Suffer? (Part 1: Why is There Suffering?)

13 Dec, 2013

Life just seems to be full of suffering. There are breakups, disease, disasters and AT&T’s customer service.

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